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Exclusive blog series by celebrity Chef Robert Irvine. Chef Robert blogs about making smart business decisions, running successful restaurants and the frustrations with commercial ice machines

Robert has the right attitude for restaurant success

Attitude is Everything for Restaurant Success!

So you think you can run a successful restaurant? But do you have the right attitude to really succeed? I’ve filmed 100+ episodes of Restaurant:Impossible and have seen first hand how the wrong attitude of a restaurant owner can doom a restaurant. Stubbornness (ego), lack of passion and disrespect can tank a restaurant faster than […]

qualities: leadership, flexibility, attitude, efficiency

4 Qualities Restaurant Owners & Managers Must Have

There are some qualities that restaurant owners and managers must possess to be successful. Not everyone naturally has these qualities, but they can be learned. You’ve seen me tutor restaurant owners on Restaurant:Impossible towards these qualities: leadership, attitude, flexibility and efficiency. I never know what I’m going to encounter when I arrive at a restaurant […]

owning an ice machine is not efficient

Efficiency: Key to Restaurant (and Life) Success

How do I achieve success and how do I measure success?  I’m asked these questions often because of what you see me do on my Food Network shows.  On Restaurant: Impossible, in short order, I have to size up a restaurant and determine what’s holding them back from success and the steps they need to […]

foodservice advice contest

And the Winners are…

Choosing the winners for Easy Ice’s Experts Express! contest wasn’t easy.  So many of your submissions have advice that is spot-on for hospitality leaders. Entrants touched on topics that I hammer home every week on Restaurant: Impossible: updating menus, knowing your customers, hiring the right people, budgeting, decor and food safety.  It was a difficult […]

Experts Express Official Contest Rules & Regulations

Experts Express!

Experts Express! Contest Extended Through November 13, 2013! Get ready to Express yourself!  The Experts Express contest gives you the opportunity to show off your management expertise with the ultimate restaurant expert, Chef Robert Irvine! Chef Robert is taking on a new challenge to help aspiring chefs with Food Network’s newest program, Restaurant Express, debuting […]

Robert with fan at Expo

Chef Robert Irvine Answers Your Questions!

We asked our website followers if they had any questions for Chef Robert Irvine and we were flooded with requests.  Millions of people watch Robert Irvine on Restaurant:Impossible every week and it seemed every one of them submitted a question!  Questions ranged from restaurant management to charitable activity to hiring practices and we thank everyone […]

you need the right attitude to successfully run a restaurant

Focus On What You Do Best — Not On Ice Machines!

I’m Chef Robert Irvine from Food Network’s Restaurant:Impossible.  Focusing on what makes my restaurants different is part of the reason they’ve been successful.  I don’t spend my time or focus on things that don’t really make a difference. My businesses depend on a reliable supply of ice and I’ve found commercial ice machine subscriptions from […]

you need the right attitude to successfully run a restaurant

Top 10 Reasons I Don’t Own An Ice Machine

I’ve been a chef for 30 years and one piece of equipment that I’ll never buy is a commercial ice machine.  I’ve cooked in many kitchens during my career and have seen firsthand the problems that come with ice machines.  I don’t want to own one, why would you? Here are my Top Ten reasons […]

Chef Robert Irvine partners with Team Easy Ice

My Partnership with Easy Ice

Having seen a lot in my 30 years in the restaurant business, I’m very selective about companies I choose as partners.  If I’m going to work with a company or endorse their products, it must be a company or product I believe in and a company that aligns with my business principles. I first learned […]