Robert Irvine Videos

Chef Robert Irvine of Food Network’s Restaurant:Impossible shares his experiences with commercial ice machines in these informative & fun videos

Cold Hard Truth

Robert Irvine: The Cold Hard Truth

What drives Chef Robert Irvine crazy about ice machines?  Everything!  The truth is, you need ice but you can’t make money off of it and it’s not something customers really care about. As a business owner you have to continually ask yourself; What do my customers really care about?  And how can I make an […]


Robert Irvine: Ice-O-Nomics (Economics of Ice Machine Ownership)

In this video, Chef Robert Irvine is going to give you a crash course in ice machine economics.  In only 1 minute, Chef Robert gives you the financial scoop on commercial ice machine costs over their lifetime.  Warning:  Commercial ice machine ownership can cause your profits to melt! As you’ve seen from Chef Robert, buying […]

Slippery Slope of Ice Machine Ownership

Robert Irvine: Slippery Slope

Chef Robert Irvine knows commercial ice machines are different than any other piece of kitchen equipment.   When you have water, moving parts, electricity and extreme temperatures working in one machine, you’ve got maintenance and repair hassles. In this video, Chef Robert Irvine introduces us to one of the resident Iceologists, John Mahlmeister, who’s also […]

Robert Irvine: Ice, Ice Baby

Robert Irvine: Ice, Ice Baby!

Tired of spending money on ice machine repairs?  Have you ever wondered if you spent too much on a repair or if the part they sold you is really necessary?  Frustrated by the performance of the commercial ice maker you bought? Welcome to the world of ice machine ownership! You might think buying a commercial […]

Robert Irvine: The Iceman Cometh video

Robert Irvine – The Iceman Cometh

Commercial ice machines are the Least reliable pieces of kitchen equipment.  Do you think dealing with it is a good use of  your valuable time?  Chef Robert doesn’t!  In fact, he doesn’t even own the ice machines that were in his restaurants — he trusts Easy Ice instead. Subscriptions give restaurants owners (or any business that […]