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4 Ice Safety Steps for Restaurants, Bars and Hotels

During my career as a Health Inspector, one question often asked by the public is “How safe is the ice in food and drinks served in restaurants?”. There is no easy Yes or No answer without having to explain how ice can be contaminated and in what conditions that ice can cause illness. In general, […]

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Health Inspection Checklist for Restaurants

Food safety compliance inspections of food premises are carried out by Health Inspectors to reduce the possibility of food borne illness outbreaks, to educate food services staff about safe food handling practices and basic sanitation requirements, and to enforce food safety regulations. The frequency of inspection is determined based on a risk-based criteria assessment and […]

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Food Safety Tips: 5 Things To Watch Out For When Dining Out

Food safety is an important topic to Team Easy Ice. And it should be important to you too — especially when you dine out and have less control. Food safety includes ice safety. Unsanitary conditions, mishandling of ice or a dirty ice machine can cause food borne illness, just like…well…food! To emphasize the importance of […]