Equipment Service

Everything you need to know about how we service the ice machines

Ice Maker Stopped Working

Ice Maker Stopped Working? Check These Things First. 

Normally you open the ice storage bin, grab the ice you need, and move on. You do this dozens of times each week without giving it a second thought, but what happens when you find that your supply is lower than normal? Your first instinct may be to assume that less ice means the ice maker stopped working, however this is not necessarily the case. Let’s […]

Do I Have to Clean My Ice Machine in Between Preventive Maintenance Cleanings?

  Yes.  The machine needs cleaning and attention from you for two reasons: More frequent preventive activities will protect the machine better, producing higher reliability, which will ensure you are not charged for misusing or neglecting the machine. The vast majority of bacteria and contaminants are NOT introduced by the ice machine.  They are introduced […]

How do I Keep the Ice Machine Clean Between Preventive Maintenance Service Appointments?

  Keeping a commercial ice machine clean is important for the health of the ice and the ice maker.  Our ice machine subscriptions include two comprehensive cleanings per year, but the ice maker needs attention in between our visits. If you don’t keep the ice machine clean between our maintenance visits, you can put your […]

How are Preventive Maintenance Service Calls Handled?

  Easy Ice tracks and proactively schedules all preventive maintenance so you don’t have to.  Easy Ice maintains a full service history of all equipment.  If you need access to that information to share with your health inspector, simply contact and we will send you a copy.  These are just a few of the […]

Water is Leaking From the Waterline, What Should I Do?

If water is leaking from the waterline, call our customer support center immediately.  Our U.S.-based customer care team is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.  We will dispatch a technician to your site for evaluation and repair.   If the water is leaking seriously, turn off the water and Unplug the […]

My Ice Machine isn’t Producing Ice, What Should I do?

If the ice machine isn’t producing, you may need a technician to come on site.  But before you call, make sure you check for these common issues as soon as you notice ice production going down: Drain: Are there any problems with the drain in your building? Is the drain inside the bin clogged by […]

ice in commercial ice machine ice bin with scoop

How Do You Assure the Ice I Serve is Clean and Safe?

  There are two stages to providing clean and safe ice. The first stage is producing safe ice.  The second stage is handling the ice safely.  Easy Ice takes care of the first, the operator is responsible for the second. Easy Ice employs three techniques to ensure your ice machine is properly cleaned and sanitized […]

Do I have to perform any maintenance on the ice machine?

Preventive maintenance is included in our ice machine subscriptions.  As part of your subscription we will schedule and perform preventive maintenance.  We also replace standard water filters twice per year (at no cost), according to the manufacturers’ recommendations for ice machine maintenance. Routine preventive maintenance is imperative to keep the ice machines running well and […]

The Ice Machine is Beeping…What Does That Mean?

  The first thing you should do if your Easy Ice Hoshizaki ice machine is beeping is count the number of beeps between the 3-second pauses.  Then call us at 866-easyice (866-327-9423).   It is critical that you call customer service and provide the beeping pattern information so we can help resolve the issue and […]

What Happens if I Don’t Clean my Ice Machine on a Regular Basis?

  Commercial ice machines need to be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis.  If they’re not, slime, bacteria and mold will accumulate, making the ice unsafe for consumption.  In between deep cleanings, ice machines must be regularly wiped down and sanitized. People with decreased immunity, the elderly and children are especially susceptible to food (or […]