Pricing and Billing

Most frequently asked questions about ice machine subscription pricing and billing

Do I Get a Discount if I Sign a Longer Term Agreement?

  We do not offer discounts for longer-term agreements.  Our experience tells us it is better in the long run for our customers if we don’t.  Here’s why… Ultimately, the strongest message you can send to any service provider is to cancel the service.  It is often termed “voting with your feet.”  We fully support […]

Will I Be Charged Anything in Addition to the Advanced Payment and the Monthly Fee?

  99% of our customers only pay the Advanced Payment and the Monthly Fee.  The 1% that are charged extra have violated a few basic common sense principles: A customer’s electronic payment was returned. A customer-reported service call is determined to be a non-machine issue  A customer mistreats or damages the equipment. There are other […]

Do You Offer an Ice Maker Discount for Multiple Locations?

We offer an ice maker discount to customers that have 6 or more Easy Ice subscriptions.  This program has additional requirements, so please call 866-327-9423 (866-easyice) and speak to one of our sales representatives.  We do not negotiate on pricing, as we’ve priced our service to offer the best value possible.  Whether we have 1 […]

Why Do You Charge Tax?

  State governments across the country require the collection of sales tax on all equipment rentals, leases, and subscription services that includes equipment.  State tax codes can be pretty daunting, but this explanation from Florida’s Department of Revenue is very straightforward. As noted in the Florida document, Personal Property for a business is any property […]

What Payment Options Do You Offer?

  We have a few hassle-free monthly payment options: You can set up automatic debit authorization from your bank account You can charge your monthly subscription to a major debit or credit card eCheck or Electronic Funds Transfer (issued on the first day of each month) With either choice, you will be charged your first […]