Chipotle’s Food Safety Crisis: 5 Lessons for Restaurants

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Recently, Chipotle suffered some food safety issues that led many customers to feel ill. Food safety is no joke. A bad occurrence at your business can lead to tons of negative reviews and a loss of customers. We have tons of experience serving restaurants all over the nation and want to share some of our tips for maintaining a clean and sanitary business.

5 Disgusting Food Safety Fails!

Reading Time: 6 minutes Food/Ice Safety

Maintaining a safe and sanitary kitchen is of the utmost importance if your plan to serve food to the public. Health inspectors are constantly on the lookout for infractions that will force you to temporarily shutter your doors until your business is brought up to code. We share some of the most severe food safety fails and show you how to maintain a clean workplace.

4 Ice Safety Steps for Restaurants, Bars and Hotels

Reading Time: 6 minutes Food/Ice Safety

Whether you run a bar, restaurant, or hotel, maintaining a clean environment for your customers is vital. The ice in your ice machine is no different. Health inspectors look as closely at your ice as they do the water coming out of your tap. Former health inspector, Jim Chan, gives you some ice safety tips that will have your ice supply pass with flying colors during your, next inspection.

The Real Scoop About Ice Scoops

Reading Time: 3 minutes Food/Ice Safety

Using an ice scoop is the safest and most sanitary way to serve ice to your guests. They prevent contamination and make it easy to dispense ice into glassware. To maintain a safe and sanitary ice supply, ice scoops need to be cleaned as well. In this article, we share the best practices for handling ice and taking care of your ice scoop.