Clean Your Restaurant or Shut It Down!

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There is simply no reason for a dirty kitchen. Keeping a restaurant clean takes considerably less money and resources that other, less important tasks, yet many restaurants still have a problem keeping their kitchen and front of house clean. In this article, celebrity chef, Robert Irvine, Gives you some tips for keeping your restaurant clean as can be.

Food Allergies: Must-Knows for Health and Profits

Reading Time: 4 minutes Food/Ice Safety, In the News

One in twenty-five people have some sort of food allergy. We talk to Paul Antico, founder of Allergy Eats, the number one online resource for allergy-friendly restaurants nationwide. He’s dishing out all the information on the leading foods people are allergic to and the benefits of creating an allergy-friendly menu for customers.

5 Foundations of Food Safety

Reading Time: 4 minutes Food/Ice Safety

As I travel around the industry – I’m keenly aware of the food safety image that my clients and other operators project. It’s this simple – if you’ve got a hand washing sink right behind you on a prep line that customers can see – USE IT! Frequently!   Dependable Ice for Your WorkforceWith an Easy Ice subscription, you can ensure ... Read More

Safety First! Don’t Risk Food-Borne Illness!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Food/Ice Safety

The Iceologists are thrilled to unveil a new series of blogs about food safety by guest author, Kevin Scott.  Kevin is the National Accounts Manager for ServSafe, the National Restaurant Association's food handling and safety training division. Kevin works with national accounts, large independent trainers and public health authorities, among other major entities, to provide strategic solutions for education, training and ... Read More

How Do You Assure the Ice I Serve is Clean and Safe?

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There are two stages to providing clean and safe ice. The first stage is producing safe ice.  The second stage is handling the ice safely.  Easy Ice takes care of the first, the operator is responsible for the second. Dependable Ice for Your WorkforceWith an Easy Ice subscription, you can ensure your staff always has ice available throughout the day. ... Read More