Maximizing Your Ice Supply when Catering Events Outdoors 

Reading Time: 4 minutes Ice Machines 101

Catering Events Easy Ice

Providing ice for an outdoor event can be tricky. If it’s warm outside, people will need more ice than an indoor party and ice melts faster, so you’re also working against time. If you’re catering an outdoor event, we have some tips that will help you provide plenty of ice to your guests throughout the night.

Is Your Ice Maker Slow Making Ice? It Could be Your Water Temperature.

Reading Time: 5 minutes Ice Machines 101, Troubleshooting

Ice Maker Slow Making Ice Easy Ice

Temperature can affect the output of your ice machine if you’re not paying attention to it. Air temperature is normally the first concern, but maintaining a cool water temperature is also important. Hot water makes it harder to create ice, which can tax your ice machine. We show you how the common causes of hot water and what you should do if your water supply is running hot.

Is it Smarter to Buy an Ice Machine Than Rent One?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Ice Machines 101

Buy Ice Machine or Rent Easy Ice

You have the money, so should you buy or rent an ice machine? Sure, owning has it’s benefits, but smart business owners know that saving time and money is an important factor in running a successful business – and taking care of your ice machine wastes both.

We show you all the factors that come with owning an ice machine, and why renting is often the better alternative.

How to Test Ice Maker Production for Air-cooled Units

Reading Time: 6 minutes Ice Machines 101

How to Test Ice Maker Production Easy Ice

If your ice maker isn’t producing enough ice for your business, it’s common to assume there’s something wrong with it – but that’s not always the case. In fact, most of the time the ice machine is working just fine. The only way to tell is by testing your ice production rate. We show you how, so you can save money on a service call.