Digging deeper into the world of commercial ice machines and ice machine subscriptions

Ice Machine Sanitizer Prevents Hospital-Acquired Infections

Keeping a sanitary environment is essential in any industry, but it’s an absolute necessity in healthcare.  According to the CDC, about 1 in 25 U.S. hospital patients is diagnosed with at least one hospital-acquired infection (HAI) related to hospital care alone. HAIs cost hospitals in the US anywhere between 28 billion to 45 billion annually. With numbers […]

The Best Types of Ice Cubes for Bars and Cocktail Lounges

Believe it or not, a lot of planning goes into designing ice cubes. Companies create different types of ice cubes with several shapes and textures. Each style is meant to appeal to various bar and restaurant settings.    Whether you own a high-volume sports bar or a specialty cocktail lounge, the type of cube you choose can help save money or create the best presentation for a high-end […]

How to Clean an Ice Maker Water Filter

Here in the US, by the time water reaches our sink, it’s generally safe to drink. That’s because water treatment facilities clean and filter water of harmful bacteria or protozoa. Although safe to drink, treatment facilities can’t filter everything out of the water. Truth is, tap water still has particles in it. These particles aren’t harmful to people but can mean bad news […]

Ice Maker Not Working This Summer? Here are the Most Common Problems   

If you had to run a marathon, when would you rather do it? During a nice, cool fall day or under the beating sun of summer? Unless you’re one heck of an athlete, there’s a good chance you might collapse if you chose option two. Your ice machine feels the summer heat as well, and if your ice maker is not working properly, the temperature could be the cause.    Many businesses […]

Maximizing Your Ice Supply when Catering Events Outdoors  

There’s something about summer that draws people to the outdoors. Clear skies, green landscapes, and warm weather have a way of turning an average indoor event into an outdoor extravaganza. Everything from dinners, mixers, and weddings find their way outside. Unfortunately the summer heat can make it difficult to keep enough ice on hand, so we’ve put together a few tips for maximizing your ice supply while catering events outdoors.  Ice may not be the talk […]

What is An Air Gap? Tips from the Health Inspector

What is an air gap, and how can you be sure you have a proper air gap installation?  If you’re running a restaurant, you know that health inspections come with the territory. Although necessary, it’s no fun when a health inspector reaches for his pen and writes you a health code violation. When it comes to ice machines, most violations are easily fixable, but some […]

Ice Maker Not Making Ice? Check Your Room Temperature.

What Happens to Your Ice Machine When Your Room Hits 100 Degrees? Ice machines perform best when they operate in optimal conditions, which generally means 70 degree air and 50 degree water temperatures. Unfortunately this is not typically the environment found in a commercial kitchen. Higher temperatures in a room will force an ice machine […]

Ice Maker Stopped Working

Ice Maker Stopped Working? Check These Things First. 

Normally you open the ice storage bin, grab the ice you need, and move on. You do this dozens of times each week without giving it a second thought, but what happens when you find that your supply is lower than normal? Your first instinct may be to assume that less ice means the ice maker stopped working, however this is not necessarily the case. Let’s […]

Air Cooled Ice Machine Heating Up a Room

Will an Air Cooled Ice Machine Heat Up My Room? 

Deciding where to put an air cooled ice machine involves more than choosing a room with enough space or picking a spot that’s most convenient. Like many appliances, commercial ice machines generate a significant amount of heat. If a room isn’t properly ventilated, the heat buildup will raise your ambient operating temperature (the temperature surrounding your ice machine) […]

How to Clean an Ice Machine After a Flood

There are few things in life more disruptive than a flood. With everything you’ll need to take care of, the last thing you need is to worry about your ice machine. We understand the challenges you’re facing, so we put together a simple guide to show you how to properly clean an ice machine after […]