Top 10 Reasons Not to Own An Ice Machine

Reading Time: 4 minutes Ice Machines 101, Program Details

Smart restaurateurs and business owners spend money on things (and equipment) that generate a return, not on ice machines! Sure, you and your customers need a reliable supply of ice, but owning the ice maker is not a good use of your capital. Top Ten reasons Not to Own a Commercial Ice Machine: 1)  Purchase price is expensive.  When you … Read More

Will Easy Ice Put an Ice Machine Outside?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Program Details

Putting a commercial ice machine outside is a bit of a problem.  What’s the old adage…”never say never?”  Sticking by that, we’ll say we rarely put an ice machine outside for two reasons: The area is not a controlled environment. The area is not secure. As noted in numerous FAQs, ice machines need a cooler, low-humidity environment in order for … Read More

Can I Get Your Service if I Have Well Water?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Program Details

The short answer is “maybe.” The real question is: “What is the condition of the water after it leaves the filtration system?” Here’s a quick guide to understand the types of problems well water and water filtration system cause with ice machines. If we can work with you to solve these, then we’d be delighted to provide you with an Easy Ice ice machine subscription.

Do I Have to Clean My Ice Machine in Between Preventive Maintenance Cleanings?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Program Details

  Yes.  The machine needs cleaning and attention from you for two reasons: More frequent preventive activities will protect the machine better, producing higher reliability, which will ensure you are not charged for misusing or neglecting the machine. The vast majority of bacteria and contaminants are NOT introduced by the ice machine.  They are introduced via human contamination in the … Read More

Is Everyone Eligible for the Program?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Program Details

Not everyone is eligible for the program. The qualifications are: Reliable customers with a track record of success. Businesses with a demonstrated year-round requirement for ice. Environments hospitable to ice machine performance. Business practices consistent with our philosophy of respect and dependability.