Affordable, risk-free commercial ice machines for Chandler businesses!

Does your company need a new commercial ice maker in Chandler?  Before you spend capital buying a commercial ice maker, you’ll want to learn about subscriptions.

Ice machine subscriptions are a better than owning ice machines.  Easy Ice subscriptions are revolutionizing the way businesses supply their customers and employee with ice.

Our ice machine subscriptions are reliable, efficient, affordable and hassle-free.  If you’ve owned a commercial ice maker in Chandler, you know that experience is anything but hassle-free!

Owning a commercial ice maker means unpredictable expenses.  The price of the ice machine is only the beginning of the costs. Maintenance, repairs, parts, water filters and bagged ice (if the machine isn’t performing) need to be factored in.

A simpler solution to your ice needs is our ice machine subscription program.  Subscriptions are fully inclusive and the price is fixed. The same cost month after month guarantees you always have ice in your bin!

Customers love our ice in the bin guarantee!  If our ice machine needs repair and a technician can’t fix it quickly, we provide Breakdown Ice. You never have to pay for bagged replacement ice with an Easy Ice subscription.

Unlike ice machine leases, subscriptions cover Everything.  Preventive maintenance is covered and prescheduled.  Every 6 months our technicians perform routine maintenance and clean the ice machine.  We also replace the water filters during these visits, saving our customers money.

Easy Ice takes the capital risk for the ice makers, and maintenance ensures their longevity and performance.  Frequent water filter changes are critical to the health of ice machines.  With subscriptions, you have one less thing to worry about.  We pay for and install standard water filters.

Repairs (parts and labor) are included in our ice machine subscriptions.  Never pay an unexpected repair bill again! We have a U.S.-based customer service team available 24/7, 365 days a year. Customers can call and request repairs anytime.

Businesses depend on ice.  Can you depend on your commercial ice maker in Chandler?  If you have an Easy Ice subscription, the answer is Yes!

Easy Ice is the only national company with a presence in Chandler offering all-inclusive commercial ice machine subscriptions.  Smart business owners throughout the country (and Arizona) and choosing subscriptions over owning or leasing ice makers.

We’re proud to provide ice machines to companies in the Chandler area; restaurants, hotels, spas, golf courses, schools, corporate facilities, health clubs, nursing homes, churches and convenience stores.

We have service technicians to serve you in Chandler, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Glendale, Gilbert and all over Arizona.