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Easy Ice - the last ice machine you'll never own!
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Your Sherman -based business is in the market for a new ice machine. You have 3 choices to procure a commercial ice maker:

1) Buy

2) Lease

3) Subscribe

Let’s look deeper into your options. Buying a commercial ice maker is a costly endeavor. First, you have a large capital outlay for the purchase. Then you need to pay for delivery and installation. And that’s just the beginning of the costs.

When you own ice machines, you’re responsible for ongoing costs like cleanings, water filters, repairs and bagged ice when the ice machine isn’t producing.

Repairs alone can run hundreds of dollars per incident. And a busy restaurant with a broken ice machine can easily spend $200 a night just for bagged ice. Buying a commercial ice maker for your Sherman business just isn’t worth the financial risk!

Leasing ice machines puts you in the position of committing to a long-term agreement. Plus ice machine leases will charge you a penalty for early cancellation or if you need a different size ice maker.

Now we get to commercial ice machine subscriptions: The easiest and most cost-effective program for your ice needs! For a low, fixed monthly fee your business will have a guaranteed supply of ice!

Easy Ice is the only company offering subscriptions for ice makers throughout the Dallas metro area and the U.S.

Subscribing to an ice machine through Easy Ice is the smartest choice for your Sherman company! Predictable ice at a predictable price!

Why subscribing to a commercial ice machine is better than buying or leasing:

  • All-inclusive program for fixed low monthly cost makes budgeting easy!
  • Maintenance, cleanings, water filter replacements and repairs are handled for you.
  • No extra or hidden fees!
  • 24/7 U.S.-based Customer Support.
  • Ice machine performance guaranteed! Breakdown Ice provided when ice maker is down and can’t be repaired quickly.
  • National service – ideal for companies and restaurants with multiple locations.
  • No long-term contract or cancellation fee for qualified customers.

Easy Ice customers constantly say they’ll never own an ice machine again. Profit-driven companies in Sherman spent their assets where they can generate a return. And spending capital on ice machines doesn’t meet that criteria.

What types of businesses in Sherman and the Dallas Metro area use Easy Ice?

Any company that needs ice for their employees or customers! And our pricing is so competitive, any business that needs a dependable supply of ice can afford an ice machine subscription.

Restaurants, hotels, hospitals and convenience stores choose Easy Ice over buying ice machines. So do schools & universities, corporate facilities, nursing homes, health clubs, contractors and manufacturers.

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