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Last updated on July 13th, 2022 at 05:08 pm

No, we do not provide short-term rentals for commercial ice makers.  Our ice machine subscription program is designed to provide customers that have a steady, year-round need for high quality, sanitary ice.  Our  ice machine pricing, service model, and performance guarantees enable long-term users of ice machines to eliminate their high upfront costs and focus on running their business while delivering a reliable supply of ice to their kitchen staff and customers.

Dependable Ice for Your Workforce

With an Easy Ice subscription, you can ensure your staff always has ice available throughout the day.

Ice making equipment for sale typically run between $700-$900 for a 600# ice machine and ice bin.  The machine and bin itself will cost in the neighborhood of $3,500.  While those are pretty steep numbers just to get in to ice machine ownership, this represents less than 15% of the 10-year cost of owning an ice machine. In other words, multiply that by 7 to get the total 10-year spend…before you consider inflation.  Short-term rentals for ice machines economically don’t fit the subscription model.

That is one reason why it is difficult to find a company that specializes in short term rentals for ice machines.  The other reason is that there is very little demand for short-term rentals.  500 lbs of ice from the store will cost you $75 if you are willing to plan ahead and pick it up from the manufacturer.  Many short-term users take this approach to satisfy their requirements.  However, you may find that having an ice machine year round even when you don’t need it as much in the off-season will save you considerably over the cost of buying bagged ice during the summer season.

Our ice machine lease subscriptions are available nationwide and we’re proud of our program’s flexibility that allows our customers to grow and upgrade without penalty.  Our subscriptions are not designed as short-term rentals.

We wish you great success with your short-term project.  If things change and you have a long term need for a commercial ice machine, please call us at 866-327-9423.

Our team is available to help you get started today!

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