Emily Ellyn Answers Your Burning Questions about Cooking

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Last month, the Iceologists brought Emily Ellyn along to Southwest Foodservice Expo and we asked fans to submit questions for Emily.  Our website was on fire with questions about cooking techniques, favorite foods and Emily’s experience on Next Food Network Star.  We received so many great questions that we had to make this a 2 part article.

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Chef Emily took time out of her Retro Rad cooking and appearance schedule to answer some of the best questions.  Did you meet Chef Emily at Expo?  Check out the photo galleries to see if we caught you on camera with Emily.  If you have a question of your own for Emily about cooking or anything else, please leave it in the comment box below.  

And now the Iceologists turn this page over to Chef Emily Ellyn.  Take it away, Emily!

Krystal P asks:

What is your favorite brand of cookware? 

While I don’t necessarily have a favorite brand of cookware, there is one tool I believe everyone should have in their kitchen.  A PRESSURE COOKER!!  I just love how it serves the purpose of cooking pot, sauté pan, fryer, canner, and it will cook a roast in 30 minutes!

Elwyn H asks:

What is your favorite food to make and eat? 

Ohhhhh man! Do I have to choose a favorite thing to eat?!  Tooo mannnny options!!  When it comes to eating and cooking, there’s never a dull moment!  My guilty pleasure at home is ice cream and I LOVE cold ribs or BBQ for breakfast.

Yoly asks:

I have a bar that serves food and I want to add a “female friendly” dessert option.  What do you recommend? 

Well, how RAD would it be to pair wine with desserts to satisfy your dessert diva?  Use my Rad Rules on Wine and Chocolate/Desserts Pairings for guidance!

  • Sauvignon Blanc => Citrus Like Key Lime Pie
  • Chardonnay => Creamy Banana Pudding or Pineapple Upside Down Cake
  • Riesling => Apple pie and Caramel
  • Pinot Noir => Crème brulee and white chocolate and very milky chocolate
  • Merlot => Milk chocolate and dark chocolate
  • Cabernet => Bittersweet chocolate or espresso
  • Zinfandel => Spice cakes and carrot cake

Brad asks:

How did Next Food Network Star boost your career? 

Emily and Otto Television is a powerful medium and I feel very fortunate for the exposure.  The experience itself was a great challenge and period of growth that I don’t take for granted.  Of course I’m also grateful for all of the new opportunities and relationships that have developed.  My passion is to teach cooking.  To reach an audience outside the walls of a classroom and into a living room is something very special!

Jason asks:

Bruce K asks:

In today’s economy, what changes do you think are necessary to prosper in the restaurant industry? 

Focus on the customer!  You have to have a great restaurant with great food, excellent service, and an inviting atmosphere for a reasonable price.  To attract new guests one must network, foster relationships and build loyalty.

Social networks are important facilitating platforms for word-of-mouth communication about your business and need to be understood and utilized.  Also, the presence of the owner (or manager) during business hours, greeting and engaging guests helps create a more personalized experience and encourages loyalty.

With this latest recession, it looks like there’s a real market for “comfort foods” that have roots in the past (’30’s,’40’s, 50’s, 60’s).  Do you see the trend continuing and what comfort foods can be prepared without heaps of fats and sugar?  

Yes! As you know, revisiting the past is my whole approach to cooking.

For inspiration, go to EmilyEllyn.com. And just a reminder… You can prepare ANYTHING without heaps of fats and sugar.

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