Energy Explosion at Expo with Emily Ellyn!

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Chef Emily Ellyn, crowd favorite from last season’s Next Food Network Star, joined the Iceologists at Southwest Foodservice Expo 2013.  To say Emily added some energy to the Expo is an understatement! Her vivacious personality and Retro Rad persona had Expo attendees smiling from ear to ear.

Chef Emily represented Easy Ice on the final day of Expo and the reactions to her appearance were priceless. Emily has gained a cult following among Food Network viewers and attendees squealed with delight at the opportunity to chat and take photos with her.

Emily’s Retro Rad look included her trademark cat-eye glasses, colorful 50’s style clamdiggers and a kitschy rubber chicken purse.  Her female fans were in awe of her style while some her male followers were a bit google-eyed by her adorableness.

Easy Ice is fortunate to have celebrity chefs Emily Ellyn and Robert Irvine on our team.  What makes a chef a television-worthy star?  It’s not just their great culinary skills and knowhow in the kitchen. There is a inborn charisma that takes these chefs to the next level as Emily demonstrated with her natural ebullience and friendliness.  She has the “It Factor”!

Southwest Foodservice Expo attendees will enjoy our photo galleries featuring Chef Emily and her followers. Perhaps there’s a photo of you!  Check back frequently as we’ll be adding more images to the galleries soon.

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Did you have a chance to spend time with Emily at the Expo?  Please leave a comment and tell us about your experience.

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