Our commercial ice machine subscriptions give our customers a wide choice of Hoshizaki ice dispensers and ice bins.  Our customer service team is happy to assist you when deciding what size bin and dispenser will work best for your ice needs.

ModelAHRI Max StorageAHRI Std StorageWidthDepthHeightTermMonthly FeeSetup Fee
DM-200B200140302836 3/8None$95.00$190.00
B-300PF3002602232 1/246None$38.00$76.00
B-500PF5003603032 1/246None$44.00$88.00
B-700PF7005504432 1/246None$50.00$100.00
B-800PF8006004832 1/246None$55.00$110.00
B-900PF9006605232 1/246None$58.00$116.00
B-250PF2502303032 1/23336 monthCallCall
BD-300PF3002602232 1/24636 monthCallCall
BD-500PF5003603032 1/24636 monthCallCall
B-1150SS1150115048416036 monthCallCall
B-1300SS1275127548416636 monthCallCall
B-1500SS1500150060416236 monthCallCall
B-1650SS1650165060416636 monthCallCall
SG2100-722110211072485736 monthCallCall
SG2250-7222502250725650 1/236 monthCallCall
SG2650-7226502650724866 1/236 monthCallCall
SG3200-7232403240725669 1/236 monthCallCall
SG3900-7239403940725681 1/236 monthCallCall
SG4600-724640464072569336 monthCallCall
ITS1350SG-601327132760487536 monthCallCall
ITS2250SG-602133213360489736 monthCallCall
ITS3250SG-903255325590489736 monthCallCall

You can count on Easy Ice for all your commercial ice making equipment. Easy Ice has the ice making and dispensing equipment you want and need, plus all service for the ice machines, dispensers and ice bins.

For a surprisingly low monthly payment, our customers enjoy state of the art Hoshizaki ice machines, ice dispensers and ice bins.  Our program includes prompt repair and maintenance service, and free ice deliveries anytime repairs are needed.

Hoshizaki commercial ice dispensers produce crystal clear, crescent-shaped ice cubes.  The ice cubes are easy to scoop or dispense and are resistant to clumping together.  They are perfect for a number of applications.  The ice cubes’ design stops liquids from splashing and are long-lasting in beverages.

Our turnkey solution using Hoshizaki commercial ice dispensers and ice bins at a glance:

  • Guaranteed ice!  Our ice machine subscriptions fully guarantee that our customers are never without ice.  We can make this guarantee because of our superb repair/maintenance service combined with our Breakdown Ice program.
  • Hoshizaki ice dispensers and commercial ice makers are energy efficient and water efficient.
  • Easy Ice carries commercial ice machine, ice dispenser and ice bin models that range in size from 250 lbs – 1900 lbs of ice per day.  Whatever your ice needs are, Easy Ice has the commercial ice machine solution that’s perfect for your business!
  • Prompt, dependable service.  Easy Ice subscriptions include all preventive maintenance service calls and all repairs to the ice dispensers and ice makers.
  • Flexibility.  If you need more or less ice production, Easy Ice is happy to switch out the ice dispenser, ice bin and ice machine to a unit that better suits your needs.  (A small, one-time fee is charged for this service.)
  • Risk-free ice machines and ice dispensers!  No capital.  No deposit.  No extended contract.  Qualified ustomers can cancel subscriptions with 30 days notice without penalty fees.
  • U.S.- based customer service team available 24/7, 36 5 days a year. In the event a commercial ice dispenser, ice bin or ice machine fails to perform, our service team will repair the equipment at no charge.  And if the repairs to the ice dispenser or ice maker can’t be completed in 3-6 hours, Easy Ice offers free bagged replacement ice (Breakdown Ice).

If your company depends on ice, Easy Ice has the most efficient, inclusive and affordable program!

Call us today and learn why companies are choosing Easy Ice subscriptions over leasing or buying ice machines, ice bins and ice dispensers!   866-easyice