Manitowoc i-620


575 lbs/day

Manitowoc’s Indigo Series 0620 Manitowoc ice makers produce between 465 to 575 lbs of ice per day. At 22″ wide the Series 0620 is 8″ shorter the Series 0600 making it an excellent option for rooms with limited side-to-side space. Its hinged front door allows for access to components making cleaning easy. It comes complete with easy to read diagnostics that communicate operating status. Manitowoc ice makers produce two standard ice cube sizes: Dice and Half Dice. Dice Ice (ID) is a versatile square-shaped cube that provides maximum cooling and is ideal for a wide range of business needs but are large enough for high-end spirits and cocktails. Half-dice (IY) is a slender, crystal clear ice cube that fill glasses better than conventional square cubes and gives drinks a more appealing look.