Commercial ice machine plus full-service for low cost in Hammond! Hammond businesses depend on having a seamless supply of ice on had for customers and employees.  And that means having a reliable commercial ice machine on site. Buying an ice maker is not a good use of capital.  Leasing an ice machine in Hammond will […]


The most cost-effective commercial ice machine program in Valparaiso! Are you in the market for a commercial ice maker for your Valparaiso business? Buying an ice machine requires a big chunk of capital upfront.  And that’s only the beginning of your expenses.  Owning a commercial ice machine will melt your profits year after year with […]

Terra Haute

Low-cost, all-inclusive! The most cost effective ice machine program in Terra Haute! Does your Terra Haute company have a commercial ice machine on property?  If so, you understand the restrictions of typical ice maker leases.  And you know how expensive a commercial ice machine is to own.  A better solution for Terra Haute businesses that […]


Reliable, hassle-free, affordable! Compare all-inclusive subscriptions to buying or renting ice machines in Bloomington! Bloomington companies need commercial ice machines…but you don’t need to own!  Buying an ice maker is pricey upfront, freezing your capital assets.  Maintenance, water filters and deep-cleanings will cost you hundreds of $$ more each year. And unpredictable ice machine repairs […]

South Bend

The best source for commercial ice machines in South Bend! If your company in South Bend is looking for a new ice machine, you’ve come to the right place! We offer subscriptions for commercial ice machines. Easy Ice developed the subscription model for commercial ice makers and we’re the only company offering them nationally. And […]


Evansville businesses are choosing subscriptions over buying and leasing ice machines! Your Evansville business depends on ice.  The hospitals, offices, manufacturing facilities, restaurants, hotels, and schools in Evansville need ice.  But what you haven’t had is a dependable source of affordable ice. This is where Easy Ice subscriptions are different then buying and leasing ice […]


Commercial ice machine subscriptions in Gary are hassle-free and affordable! Do you use a commercial ice machine at your Gary company?  Could it be time for you to streamline your many tasks? Decrease the numerous duties you take care of each and every working day? Decrease the quantity of effort you invest taking good care […]


Commercial ice machine subscriptions are available in Indianapolis!  All-inclusive, reliable & affordable! Are you thinking about buying a commercial ice maker in Indianapolis?  Before you spend thousands of dollars buying, you need to know about subscriptions. Commercial ice machine subscriptions are revolutionizing the way businesses in Indianapolis supply their guests with ice.  More flexible than […]

Fort Wayne

All-inclusive and affordable commercial ice machine offering in Fort Wayne!  Subscriptions are a better solution to your ice needs than buying or leasing ice makers! Are you have issues with your ice machine in Fort Wayne?  Do you find you’re spending too much time and money on your ice machine?  Easy Ice has a better […]