Robert Irvine Holiday Cocktail Recipe: Crown Royal Pomegranate Slush

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I’m frequently asked about my favorite holiday food and cocktail recipes.  Today I want to tell you about a cocktail that I like for the holidays because of it’s Christmasy colors: Crown Royal Pomegranate Slush.  It’s hard to host a holiday gathering without a fun signature cocktail and your guests will love this one.  Variations on hot toddies and warm drinks are typical go-tos for the winter months, but I’m not typical!  Plus, where I live in Florida, it’s not usually cold in December.

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The pomegranate juice and seeds give this cocktail a festive look.  Try this cocktail at your next holiday party and then break out the recipe again in the summer months when you need to cool off.  One sip and you’ll be doing the happy dance.

Merry Christmas to all!

Crown Royal Pomegranate Slush Yields- 10-12 12 oz Drinks

Shopping List

48 oz- Cranberry Juice- divided and reserved

36 oz- Pomegranate juice

16 oz- Florida Orange juice 2 limes- juiced

1 cup- Granulated sugar

16 oz- Crown Royal

½ cup- crushed ice

24- Mint Leaves(rolled and thin sliced)pomegranate holiday cocktail

Pomegranate seeds


In a large freezer-safe container combine Crown Royal, pomegranate juice, orange juice, half of cranberry juice, sugar, lime juice and water.  Stir well and cover.

Freeze slush for 4-5 hours, or until icy, stirring every 20-30 minutes.

For serving, scrape a spoon across the top of the frozen mixture and in glasses, portion “slush” half way to top.

Finish with reserved cranberry juice, stir until slushy and top with mint.


*An additional rim mixture can be made by small zesting 2 lemons, and then allowing the zest to rest (dry) overnight on a paper towel.

After drying crush zest by hand and mix with ½ cup granulated sugar.  Place lemon sugar mixture on flat 6 inch plate, moisten rims of glasses with water and then rub rims through lemon sugar.

Toss moistened  pomegranate seeds with lemon sugar or plain sugar and top drinks with seeds.

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