Hoshizaki DB-130H


130 lbs/day

The DB-130 Hoshizaki ice dispenser provides 130 lbs* of storage and features an easy-to-use push button design for fast ice dispensing. At 22″ wide, this dispenser saves plenty of space for all hotel, resort, or office break room settings. It is the perfect companion dispenser for Hoshizaki’s KM-515 and KM-600 models and can fit many other ice maker brands as well. The DB-Series Hoshizaki ice dispenser is designed for hotel or motel use, but also makes a great addition to any office breakroom as well. The DB-Series comes complete with foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation which keeps ice cool throughout the day. Each model uses a push button single auger agitator design to dispense ice at the touch of a button. Hoshizaki’s signature H-Guard Plus Antimicrobial agent ensures ice stays sanitary. All ice dispensing areas are tested for reliability and deemed ADA compliant.

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