Easy Ice has partnered with Hoshizaki to provide the best performing commercial ice machines on the market so that you can choose model and size at a price you can afford! This price list reflects our most widely used commercial ice machine models that are available through our standard program.

Prices include service and preventive maintenance, plus standard water filter replacements and Breakdown Ice.  Subscription prices include a one-time non-refundable setup fee and a fixed monthly fee which will not increase as long as you have our ice machine on site.  The models listed here do not require a long-term commitment for qualified customers.


Fee *
Set Up
Fee *
KM-260BAH263 200 Air-Cooled302839 $129$258
KMD-450MAH457387Air-Cooled3024 1/4 22 1/8 $129$258
KML-451MAH401349Air-Cooled3027 3/822$129$258
2227 3/830 5/16 $129$258
KM-600MAH592 503Air-Cooled2227 3/837 7/16
KML-631MAH575501Air-Cooled3027 3/826$129$258
KM-901MAH874732Air-Cooled3027 3/837 7/16$185$370
KM-1301SAH13291164Air-Cooled4827 3/827 3/8$229$458
KM-1900SAH18671560Air-Cooled4827 3/836 7/16$309$618
IM-500SAA500435Air-Cooled4427 5/821 3/4$185$370
F-801MAH-C752552Air-Cooled2622 1/240$199
DCM-300BAH321312Air-Cooled2622 1/240

*Price does not include sales tax. Prices slightly higher is the New York Metropolitan Area. Call 866-easyice to learn more.

Easy Ice is able to provide many other Hoshizaki commercial ice machine models.  If you need additional accessories, we have ice bins, ice dispensers and stands to compliment your ice machine subscription.


Our fixed-rate subscription offering is the simplest and most predictable ice machine solution!

Buying an ice machine is only the beginning of expenses incurred by ownership.  Repairs are unexpected and repair costs are unpredictable.  Easy Ice commercial ice machine subscriptions make budging predictable with our fixed pricing.

Owning a commercial ice maker is like watching ice melt.  Slowly the after-purchase costs add up and ultimately you’re paying more for ice.  The upfront price you pay to buy the ice machine is just the beginning of the expenses.  The costs after the initial capital expenditure is money that could be better spent.

Smart business owners and managers spend money where they can make money. Commercial ice machines are necessary pieces of equipment, but they don’t guarantee extra income.  If an ice machine is broken, however, you will lose sales and spend more money on repairs and replacement ice.

Commercial ice machines from Easy Ice guarantee you always have ice in the bin with no additional costs!  Our technicians perform bi-annual maintenance, cleanings and standard water filter replacements.   All preventive maintenance is included in the affordable monthly fee.  Regularly scheduled maintenance ensures the the ice machines are performing at an optimal level.