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Whiskey Sphere Ice Ball - Easy Ice

Give Your Cocktails and Spirits
a Twist with Sphere Ice

Looking to elevate the look your quality cocktails and top-shelf spirits while maintaining their flavor? Look no further than Hoshizaki’s sphere ice! Sphere ice is large enough that it keeps the flavor of delicate spirits intact while chilling them fully. The ice also melts slowly, so customers can take the time to savor their favorite cocktails.

It’s Hip to Be Sphere

Hoshizaki’s sphere ice cube makers inject only the cleanest water into sphere-forming evaporator chambers. The water freezes into two half-dome shapes that come together to create a perfectly round ice cube that will dazzle drink-lovers. Hoshizaki ice makers purge high-mineral water out of the ice making process, so your customers are only left with the clearest ice cubes.

Perfect for Behind the Bar

Sphere ice makers like the Hoshizaki IM-50BAA-Q are small enough to fit underneath a bar, so they are the perfect companion for any bartender. This machine produces 50 lbs of ice over 24 hours - that’s 500 crystal-clear spheres a day. Hoshizaki ice makers come with a durable, stainless-steel exterior that stands up to the bustle of even the busiest bar.

Innovative Design for a Dependable Ice Supply

Both Hoshizaki makers use only the cleanest water to produce crystal-clear sphere ice cubes. With an Easy Ice subscription, we include biannual preventive maintenance and professional cleaning to ensure your ice maker maintains peak performance and produces safe and sanitary ice for your customers.

Key Specifics:

Ice Type Sphere Ice
Brand Hoshizaki
Shape Sphere
Available Models IM-50BAA-Q
Diameter 1.8”

Technical Documents

Hoshizaki Ice

Elevate Quality Cocktails and Spirits with Sphere Ice

We have a full line of the best ice machines on the market. If you’re looking for the perfect cube to amaze cocktail-lovers, give us a call today!

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