Our love of ice and ice machines required us to create a new word: Iceology. Iceology is a pseudo-scientific word that encompasses everything around commercial ice machines and ice.

Our blogs range from in-depth analysis of the inner-workings of ice makers to fun, ice-inspired cocktail recipes. We delve into industries that depend on ice machines and keep you up to date on the latest industry trends.

Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine has a lot to say about ice machines, so we gave him his own section on our website. Learn from his experience and share in his fun and informative videos. He’ll give you the inside scoop on restaurant operations and ice machines, as well as his favorite cool recipes.

Chill with the Iceologists on our quest to teach folks about the coolest edible product available: frozen water.

Ice is life!

Business Resources

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4 Tips for Employers Before Utilizing Pre-Employment Tests

Pre-employment tests are becoming increasingly popular within big and small businesses’ human resources departments, including within the hospitality industry. Pre-employment tests have been associated with several benefits including improved job performance and decreased employee turnover. A variety of pre-employment tests are being used by employers to narrow down the applicant pool and hiring the best employees. However, […]
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Food Safety

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Chipotle’s Food Safety Crisis: 5 Lessons for Restaurants

When customers leave your restaurant, you want them talking about your amazing food and service… not driving the porcelain bus! Chipotle knows about this far too well. Mild to violent gastrointestinal distress from E Coli, Salmonella or norovirus leaves more than a bad taste in your customers’ mouths. Foodborne illness is Not a recipe for […]
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Customer Spotlight

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Duke’s Grocery: A Bit of London in the Nation’s Capital

In a city with a large population, hoards of tourists and politicos, plus a bevy of restaurants, it’s not easy for a restaurant to stand out. But Duke’s Grocery is doing just that. A week doesn’t go by without a stellar review or press mention of Duke’s Grocery. Best Bites describes Duke’s Grocery as the […]
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Notes from the Iceologist

What is An Air Gap? Tips from the Health Inspector

What is an air gap, and how can you be sure you have a proper air gap installation?  If you’re running a restaurant, you know that health inspections come with the territory. Although necessary, it’s no fun when a health inspector reaches for his pen and writes you a health code violation. When it comes to ice machines, most violations are easily fixable, but some […]
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Ice Maker Not Making Ice? Check Your Room Temperature.

What Happens When Your Room Hits 100 Degrees? Ice machines perform best when they operate in optimal conditions, which generally means 70 degree air and 50 degree water temperatures. Unfortunately this is not typically the environment found in a commercial kitchen. Higher temperatures in a room will force an ice machine to work harder to […]
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Ice Maker Stopped Working? Check These Things First. 

Normally you open the ice storage bin, grab the ice you need, and move on. You do this dozens of times each week without giving it a second thought, but what happens when you find that your supply is lower than normal? Your first instinct may be to assume that less ice means the ice maker stopped working, however this is not necessarily the case. Let’s […]
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Will an Air Cooled Ice Machine Heat Up My Room? 

Deciding where to put an air cooled ice machine involves more than choosing a room with enough space or picking a spot that’s most convenient. Like many appliances, commercial ice machines generate a significant amount of heat. If a room isn’t properly ventilated, the heat buildup will raise your ambient operating temperature (the temperature surrounding your ice machine) […]
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Reasons Why A Hoshizaki Ice Machine May Produce Smaller Ice Cubes

Are your ice cubes shrinking? Have you noticed smaller cubes coming out of your Hoshizaki ice maker? Let’s walk through why you’re experiencing shrinkage. Possible reasons your Hoshizaki ice machine is producing smaller than normal ice cubes: 1) Not enough water flowing to your ice machine. 2) There is enough water at the start, but […]
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