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High-Capacity Ice Machines for Affordable Monthly Rates

Event centers and sports arenas need the best commercial ice makers to provide ice for thousands of fans and guests. Our high-capacity ice machines can deliver ice through every inning, quarter, and period without costing you a fortune in upfront capital or eating.

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Best Commercial Ice Machine Models for Large Venues

Whether you’re looking for one machine or many, we have a huge selection of the best ice making equipment on the market. Our high-capacity ice machine options are energy efficient, so you don’t have added worry about already expensive electricity and water bills. We feature the best selection of Manitowoc and Hoshizaki ice machines because they are the most reliable on the market.

The Perfect Ice Machines for:

  • Ballparks
  • Stadiums
  • Recreation Centers
  • Arenas
  • Concert Venues
  • Community Parks and Pools

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High-Capacity Commercial Ice Machines and Bins

Parks and Venues need a lot of ice on hand for special events, games, and shows. Our commercial ice machines produce anywhere between 250-3000 lbs of ice a day. We also have ice storage bins that hold up to 3000 lbs of ice a day, guaranteeing that you’ll never run out of ice.

All-Inclusive Ice Machine Subscriptions

Our full-service ice machine subscriptions include cleaning, maintenance, repairs, and even backup ice in the event your machine is ever down for repairs. Better yet, you don’t have to keep track of your next cleaning or repair – we'll do it for you! We’ll reach out to you and find the best time for a technician to come to your venue. Our subscriptions also include installation, water filters, and more.

24/7 Customer Service

Our customer service lines are always open because you never know when an ice machine might encounter problems. If we are not able to assist you over the phone, we’ll send a technician to your venue as soon as we can.

Guaranteed Ice with High-capacity Ice Machines

With our all-inclusive ice machine subscriptions, we make sure you always have ice in your bin – even if the ice machine breaks down. Wrigley Field called during the 7th inning stretch because they were running low on ice on an unusually hot summer day. We had a full supply of ice delivered to them before the 8th inning started. Side note – the Cubs won that game!


The Best Deal on a High-Capacity Ice Machine Can Be Yours

Serve your customers all the clean ice they want without spending too much money and time. An Easy Ice subscription will help you do it.

Learn How Easy Ice Meets the Needs of Your Industry:

  • Restaurants & Food

    From cooking preparation to salad bars, food displays to beverages, restaurants and food service businesses are uniquely dependent on a reliable food-grade ice supply. Learn more about restaurant ice solutions.

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  • Hospitals & Healthcare

    From hospitals to physical therapy clinics and physicians’ offices, healthcare facilities must have a steady supply of clean, safe ice at all times. Learn how our full-service ice machine subscription program can benefit your facility.

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  • Large Facilities

    Whether you’re managing a corporate campus, transportation facility, resort or university, you need cost-effective solutions for keeping employees and work crews cool and hydrated. Learn more about our ice supply program for large facilities.

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  • Corporate Offices

    Many corporate facilities require commercial ice machines on property for employees to use. Find out why corporate facilities managers and purchasing agents find our commercial ice machine offering better than owning or leasing.

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  • Hotels

    Commercial ice machines and dispensers are located in nearly every hallway and on every floor of a hotel. Find out why Easy Ice subscriptions are the logical choice for your hotel.

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