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Ice machines require both electricity and water to function, which can lead to expensive utility bills. In the ongoing struggle to limit overhead costs, an energy efficient ice maker can save you hundreds of dollars a year. Overall, the Energy Star program has saved consumers and businesses over $430 billion in energy costs.   

The EPA's Energy Star program is a way for customers to identify the most energy-efficient appliances – in our case, ice machines. The EPA awards their coveted Energy Star to energy efficient ice machine models that demonstrate 15% more energy efficiency and 10% more water efficiency than standard ice machine models.

There are two types of ice makers the EPA defines when awarding their Energy Star: batch-type ice makers and continuous-type ice makers. 

Batch-type Ice Makers

Batch-type units are your standard cube ice machines that use an evaporator plate design and go through alternating freeze and harvest cycles. These models include crescent, square, dice, and half-dice ice machines to name a few. 

To qualify for the Energy Star, batch type ice makers need to be 10 percent more energy efficient and 20 percent more water efficient compared to standard models.  

Continuous-Type Ice Makers

Continuous-type units include cubelet/nugget and flake ice machines that use an auger system to produce ice which runs continuously.  

Energy Star continuous ice makers are around 16 percent more energy efficient than standard models.  

Easy Ice partners with both Hoshizaki and Manitowoc, who offer a wide range of energy-efficient ice makers that are Energy Star rated. Our line of energy-efficient ice machines helps you minimize electricity and water costs while also limiting your overall carbon footprint.

Improving your bottom line and limiting environmental impacts matters to us. We are proud to offer Energy Star ice makers that accomplish just that!

Good For the Environment.
Great for Your Bottom Line.

Energy Star Ice Makers

According to the EPA, batch-type Energy Star ice makers save businesses $70 a year in electricity costs and over $630 over the lifetime of the unit.  

For continuous-type ice makers, businesses save about $130 a year and over $1,220 over the machine’s lifetime.  

An Energy Star ice maker is just one way you can save on utility costs. Studies show that poor maintenance can reduce ice machine efficiency by as much as 25%. Our regular preventive maintenance program coupled with a few simple steps by your staff can ensure ice makers continually run at peak performance. When ice makers perform at 100%, it further limits utility costs for your business.

Here are a few steps you can take to maintain your ice maker's energy efficiency:

  • Clean the ice machine's filters every 2 weeks.
  • Keep the ice storage bin's lid closed when not scooping ice.
  • Maintain excellent air flow and circulation around the machine by keeping 1 ½ ft of space on all sides and keep your unit free of clutter.
  • Avoid water-cooled units which use hundreds of gallons of water a day.

The Best Energy Efficient Ice Machines

Here at Easy Ice, we do our part to make the environmentally conscious choice when it comes to the commercial ice machines we offer. We partner with Hoshizaki and Manitowoc because they're not only the best brands on the market – but the most energy efficient ice machines as well. Both brands have Energy Star ice maker models that we offer.

We know ice machines, and we’ve found that the best ice machine brands minimize their environmental impact in three ways:

Energy Efficient Ice Machine


According to Restaurant Hospitality, proper maintenance can increase ice machine efficiency by 20%.

Electricity represents approximately 37% of the total cost of owning a commercial ice machine – that's a 10-year cost increase of 9% - nearly equal to the purchase price of an ice machine.

With an Easy Ice subscription, you get two preventive maintenance events a year which ensures the ice machine is running at 100% efficiency.

Energy Efficient Ice Maker


The key to efficient water use is how long an ice cube will last. Some commercial ice machines use less water to produce ice, but the cubes are softer and have more impurities.

Manitowoc are among the best energy efficient ice machine brands in the industry. Both brands use technology that creates solid cubes with minimal impurities which results in a cleaner cube overall.

Energy Efficient Commercial Ice Machine


The average ice machine lasts around 7 years. Here at Easy Ice, we’ve perfected the art of maintaining an energy efficient ice machine, and the results speak for themselves.

It’s not uncommon for one of our commercial ice machines to last 10+ years under our maintenance program. That’s almost a 50% increase to the unit’s lifespan.

Our promise to our customers is “Ice in Your Bin – Guaranteed” and we believe it’s our responsibility to deliver on that promise in the most environmentally friendly way.

Good for the Environment. Great for Your Bottom Line.

Our program ensures that our Energy Star ice makers run at 100% efficiency saving you on costly electric and water bills.