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What Types of Ice are Best for My Business?

It's easy to find the right type of ice to fit your business’ needs. Whether you want a slow melting crescent cube for cocktails, flaked ice for food preparation, or cubelet ice for patients in hospitals and healthcare clinics, we have the right ice machine for you.

While selecting the right type of ice cube may be an easy choice for business owners, finding the best ice solution can be difficult. An all-inclusive subscription from Easy Ice covers everything you need in one low monthly payment, making it the best solution on the market. We include commercial ice equipment, preventive maintenance, repairs, and 24/7 ice machine service line to ensure your business gets the best.

Types of Ice cubes

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Crescent Ice

Crescent ice is a great all-around cube that fits most business needs. Crescent shaped ice is hard and slow melting. These types of ice cubes are perfect for bars and restaurants.

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Dice and Half Dice

For customers who prefer types of ice with a more traditional square look. Dice and half dice machines come in virtually any production size to fit your business needs.

Learn more about Dice and Half Dice Ice

Square Cubes

Both Hoshizaki and Manitowoc ice machines make square-shaped cubes to appeal to customers with high-end palates. These are the perfect ice cubes for luxury spirits and craft cocktails.

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Cubelet Ice

Also known as Sonic ice, Cubelet (or nugget) ice is soft, chewable, and retains flavor well. This ice shape is commonly found in hospitals and schools, however this ice type is also popular with bar patrons.

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Flaked Ice

Flaked ice is soft and moldable so you can create dazzling seafood or salad bar presentations. Its crushed ice texture also makes it an ideal type of ice for specialized cocktails like Mai-Tais and Margaritas.

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Sphere Ice

As a specialty cube, sphere ice provides an elevated experience to your customers at bars and restaurants alike. Hoshizaki’s sphere ice machines produce this shape of ice exclusively and these machines are available through our subscription program.

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