If you plan on installing a modular ice machine, you’ll need a bin to capture all of that ice. We have commercial ice bin solutions from the leading names like Hoshizaki, Manitowoc, and Koolaire. Our bins come in either vinyl-clad or stainless-steel options. Both are highly insulated to keep ice solid throughout the day. They are also easy to clean and treated with an antimicrobial agent to help prevent the growth of mold and slime. Each bin comes with bin switch technology that measures the amount of ice in the bin and shuts the machine down when it’s full. This saves your business money in utility costs and prevents freeze-ups in your ice machine.

Our commercial ice machine subscription program includes ice bins, preventative maintenance, cleaning, and repairs – all for one low monthly payment! We deep clean bins so they’re free of mold and slime that can accumulate and make customers sick. Excessive mold and slime in your ice machine or ice bin can also lead to a damaging health violation for your business. We make sure all of our bins meet our strict standards for cleanliness and insulation. If we find your bin wears out over time, we’ll replace it for no additional cost.

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