Koolaire K-420 22″ Ice Storage Bin

383 lbs capacity

Koolaire by Manitowoc’s K-420 ice storage bin stores up to 383 lbs of ice*. This ice bin measures 22″ wide and 44″ tall. By sacrificing height for width, the Koolaire K-420 ice machine is the perfect option for small businesses with limited side-to-side space. When paired with a low-volume Manitowoc machine, like the Indigo Series 500 or 522, you can ensure you meet all your customers’ ice needs – and save space in the process. Koolaire by Manitowoc ice bins have a stay-open bin door that won’t get in the way of users trying to scoop ice. The internal scoop holder inside the ice bin makes sure the scoop stays within reach while never touching the ice supply. The Koolaire K-420 ice machine’s insulated door reduces condensation and helps prevent ice from clumping. The bin’s jet-black side panels and a stainless-steel-like finish prevents corrosion and makes it suitable for front-of-house installation.