Small businesses need ice too, which is why we offer a full line of 300 – 500 lb ice machines to serve your customers. Businesses such as cafes, coffee shops, and smoothie stops often have a small footprint but need plenty of ice to keep their customers happy. Our ice bins are a great addition to any of our ice machine models that produce between 500 – 700 lbs of ice a day. Our 300 to 500-lb ice bins are the best choice for businesses that have modest ice needs. All of our ice bins are treated with an antimicrobial agent to prevent accidental contamination when staff retrieves ice.

We keep our ice bins sanitary and safe with routine service. If over time the bin is unable to perform to our standards, we’ll replace it at no additional cost. Our commercial ice machine subscription program includes 300 – 500 lb.  ice bins, preventative maintenance, cleaning, and repairs – all for one low monthly payment!

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