Hoshizaki B-300PF 22″ Ice Storage Bin with Vinyl Finish

300 lbs capacity

The Hoshizaki B-300PF ice bin measures 22″ and can store up to 300 lbs of ice* in a small 22″ wide package. The Hoshizaki B-300PF ice bin has a slim-line design that is the perfect option when faced with limited side-to-side space. This Hoshizaki ice bin can accommodate all 22″ Hoshizaki ice machines and features simple, fast, front access to ice. All Hoshizaki PF series ice storage bins come in a vinyl-clad exterior which makes cleaning a breeze. The vinyl-clad exterior is long-lasting, durable, and boasts a sleek, galvanized steel appearance suitable for front-of-house or backroom use. Hoshizaki builds its ice bins sturdy to accommodate side-by-side or stacked ice machine installation for increased ice production needs. All PF series ice storage bins have a top-hinged front-opening bin door for easy access to ice. Ice bins come with standard 6″ adjustable painted flange legs.