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Participate in the Easy Ice Referral Program and Get a Month's Subscription Free

Get a Free Month with Each Referral

Easy Ice customers are often relieved (sometimes downright excited!) to have discovered the benefits of not owning an ice machine. Our customers love what subscriptions do for their business, so participate in Easy Ice’s Referral Program and share the benefits.

And to sweeten the deal, you can earn a FREE month of service by referring a new customer to Easy Ice. For every referral who becomes an Easy Ice customer, you earn a free month of service! Isn’t that cool? You’ll soon realize the cost of an ice maker is the coolest deal around!

Cost of Ice Maker Easy Ice

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Businesses everywhere use ice machines - and not just restaurants and hotels. Public schools, churches, hospitals, health clubs, and convenience stores all need ice machines to operate. Our subscription service is the top choice by smart business owners and Easy Ice’s referral program is helping more businesses like yours find our solution.

If you know anyone that would also like to share in the savings of our subscription model, fill out the form below. They’ll thank you for it!

Cost of Ice Maker Easy Ice
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Program Details and Restrictions:

  1. You must have spoken to the Referral candidate and have their permission to provide their contact information to Easy Ice.
  2. You must submit your referral on the Customer Referral Form.
  3. Easy Ice will notify you within 48 business hours to confirm receipt of your referral.
  4. Only businesses with a completely different owner can be considered a referral.
  5. Only one referral credit will be given regardless of the size of the subscription or number of machines acquired by the referral.
  6. A customer can receive multiple free months service by referring multiple new customers.
  7. After we install the new customer’s equipment, Easy Ice will issue a service credit against your next monthly subscription payment.
  8. Easy Ice retains the right to modify, terminate or in any way alter this incentive program including excluding anyone from participation at any time without notification.

No Matter the Industry, Spend Less on the Cost of an Ice Maker:

  • Restaurants & Food

    From cooking preparation to salad bars, food displays to beverages, restaurants and food service businesses are uniquely dependent on a reliable food-grade ice supply. Learn more about our restaurant ice makers.

  • Hospitals & Healthcare

    From hospitals to physical therapy clinics and physicians’ offices, healthcare facilities must have a steady supply of clean, safe ice at all times. Learn how our hospital ice machine subscription program can benefit your facility.

  • Large Facilities

    Whether you’re managing a corporate campus, transportation facility, resort or university, you need cost-effective solutions for keeping employees and work crews cool and hydrated. Learn about our Manitowoc and Hoshizaki ice machines for large facilities.

  • Corporate Offices

    Many corporate facilities require commercial ice machines on property for employees to use. Find out why corporate facilities managers and purchasing agents find our office ice maker offering better than owning or leasing.

  • Hotels

    Commercial ice machines and dispensers are located in nearly every hallway and on every floor of a hotel. Find out why our hotel ice machine subscriptions are the logical choice for your hotel.