Ice Machine Not Making Ice? Follow Our Pre-Service Call Checklist

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If your ice machine is not making ice, take a few minutes to run through our pre-service checklist. This helps expedite your service request, saving you time and money. Call us on our 24/7 customer service line with any questions!

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Ice Machine Not Making Ice Pre-Service

Steps to Follow Before You Make a Service Call

When your ice machine is not working give Easy Ice a call. Our focus will be making sure you have the ice you need, collecting the information necessary for effective servicing of the ice making equipment, and reminding you of the steps you can take to ensure safety with and around the equipment.

Before you make that service call, review our pre-service call checklist so that you can help us quickly:

  1. Confirm the nature of the performance issue.
  2. Determine if the problem can be solved over the phone.

This simple checklist will help us get you back up to speed with the ice you need in no time.

This is just another example of how Easy Ice eliminates the hassle of owning an ice maker.

Our easy-to-follow checklist gets back up to speed with the ice you need in no time. When you have a team of experts behind you, your ice-related worries melt away. We’re here to make sure that you have a consistent ice supply year-round no matter what.

Subscriptions work to keep your ice maker in top shape, but when it’s not working right, we’re still here. Our commitment to a reliable supply of ice eliminates the hassle of owning an ice machine for good. Start by going through our checklist, then give us a call to set up a service appointment. If your equipment needs a repair, your subscription also covers backup ice to keep your business running as normal.

As the Go-To Experts, You Can Trust Our Service

With an Easy Ice subscription, we service our ice machines for you, giving you a reliable ice supply year-round. That's just one of the many reasons savvy business owners choose subscriptions over owning.