Ice Machine Not Making Ice?
Follow Our Pre-Service Call Checklist

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If your ice maker is not making ice, it's time to call the ice machine experts for help. Before you pick up the phone, take a few minutes to run through our pre-service checklist. This helps expedite your service request, saving you time and money.

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Ice Machine Not Making Ice Pre-Service

Steps to Follow
Before You Make a Service Call

If you're stuck with an ice machine not making ice, give Easy Ice a call! We'll help you get your ice maker back up and running. Our team will collect the information we need to effectively service your ice-making equipment and remind you of the steps you can take while you wait for one of our technicians to arrive.

Before you call us, review our pre-service call checklist so that we can schedule your appointment more quickly:

  1. Confirm the nature of the performance issue.
  2. Determine if the problem can be solved over the phone.

This simple checklist will help us help you when your ice machine is not making ice.

When you use our easy-to-follow checklist, our team will deliver the ice maker repair you need in no time. We’re here to make sure that you have a consistent ice supply year-round, no matter what.

When you have ice machine experts behind you, your ice-related worries melt away. Our subscription keeps ice makers in top shape, and if something goes wrong, fixing the problem is our top priority. Our commitment to a reliable supply of ice eliminates the hassle of owning an ice machine for good.

All ice machine repairs are covered under your monthly subscription payment! There is no out-of-pocket cost. So if you have an ice machine not making ice, go through our checklist, then give us a call to set up a service appointment. Don't forget: your subscription also covers backup ice to keep your business running as normal.

Need Help with an Ice Machine Not Making Ice?

With an Easy Ice subscription, you'll never have to worry about going without ice for long. We keep your ice machine in peak condition and fix ice machine break downs fast.