What’s Not Included in an Easy Ice Subscription

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Keeping Track of Customer Responsibilities

Easy Ice takes cares for almost everything to do with your ice machine, but it’s important to know what’s not included in an Easy Ice subscription. For years, we’ve specialized in keeping ice makers at peak performance and extending their overall lifespan. An industrial ice maker needs proper care and attention to perform, and we expect our customers to exhibit the same respect for our equipment as we do. As a result, customers will be responsible for repairs or Breakdown Ice if they fail to meet a few basic standards of care.

Below is our list of customer responsibilities.

  • Keep the air temperature between 45 – 95 degrees F.
  • Maintain proper ventilation around the equipment.
  • Make sure the machine has the proper water and power.
  • Clean the air filter.
  • Wipe down the surfaces of the machine.
  • Let us do the work on the inside of the machine.

Industrial ice maker Easy Ice

External Factors

In some cases, external factors cause issues with ice machines, which might not be included in your Easy Ice Subscription. Although our expert team will work to identify these factors, the customer is responsible for the costs of downtime if the issue wasn't caused by our machine. These factors include:

  • A Hot Environment

    Even the best ice makers need proper air temperatures to maintain ice production. Too hot, and an industrial ice maker won't produce the amount of ice it's capable of or it can shut down completely. It is the customer's responsibility to keep the environment between 45-90 degrees Fahrenheit. If not, the customer will be responsible for Breakdown Ice costs as this a prime example of what’s not included in an Easy Ice subscription.

  • Bad Ventilation

    Ice machines produce a lot of heat. We make sure to install our machines in areas with plenty of ventilation for heat to escape. Trapped heat can cause industrial ice makers to shut down into a fail-safe mode. What’s not included in an Easy Ice subscription is when a customer has blocked vents, dirty air filters, or has stacked items on top of the machine. Breakdown Ice will be their responsibility in these scenarios.

  • No Water to the Machine

    Easy Ice technicians will test the water line identified by the operator to ensure it has adequate pressure and flow prior to ice machine installation, however the operator is responsible for ensuring the water flow continues uninterrupted.

    Water flow interruptions are usually caused by: 1) other equipment drawing water from the line, reducing pressure and flow, 2) someone shutting off the water supply – many times for work or repairs to other equipment, or 3) a shock to the water system that plugs the water filter with debris. If you plan to work on your water system, call our customer service center before you shut off your water supply so we can tell you how to keep the ice machine functioning properly.

  • Miscalculation

    Easy Ice covers the cost of ice machine repair and supplies complimentary Breakdown Ice if the machine isn’t working as it should. If the machine is producing on schedule but can’t keep up with your needs, you may need to purchase additional ice. If you determine it is frequent occurrence, you might need to upgrade your machine. If it only happens occasionally, we can provide our Peak Ice* Service in selected markets. Just call us at 1-866-easyice (327-9423) and we’ll take care of the rest.

    *Peak Ice is available in select cities for an additional cost

  • Hot Water Issues

    If hot water enters the ice maker's water line it can ruin its production rate. Easy Ice technicians test water lines before installing our machines. After installation, it's the customer's responsibility to maintain proper water temperatures. If one of our machines fails to produce ice because hot water enters the ice maker's water line, the customer is responsible for Breakdown Ice costs.

  • No Electricity

    If the power goes out, the customer is responsible for Breakdown Ice.

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