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Get the Best Ice Makers and Service That Saves You Money

Our mission is simple. Offer the best ice makers AND the best value for businesses that need ice. What value can an ice maker subscription offer?

There are three components:

  • Best Ice Makers


  • Time

  • Focus & Predictability


If you think the biggest investment you’ll make on a new ice maker is its purchase price, you’d be wrong. The amount you spend to purchase a new ice maker is only 13% of the total ice machine cost you’ll spend over the machine’s lifetime. The other 87% is spent on cleaning, maintenance, repairs, parts and labor.

Managing the other 87% is where owning an ice maker gets tricky. Even the best ice makers need routine cleaning and preventive maintenance to keep them in top form. Missing these events increases the chance of costly repairs down the line. By neglecting your machine, that additional 87% you spend can grow.

Our service saves you on the cost and responsibility of owning a commercial ice machine. Not only do we provide you with a top-of-the-line unit, but we also include all cleaning, maintenance, repairs, parts and labor for one low monthly fee.


Selecting commercial ice equipment.and scheduling preventive maintenance appointments is a time-consuming process – which many business owners are too busy to focus their energy on. As we mentioned above, missing vital cleanings and service calls has the compounded effect of costing you more money down the line in unnecessary repairs.

An Easy Ice subscription eliminates the time business owners spend on their commercial ice machines, by helping them choose the best ice maker that fits their business’s ice needs and keeping track of their preventive maintenance schedule. When your next preventive maintenance is due, we’ll reach out to you and schedule the best time for everyone.

Focus & Predictability

Our customers tell us that our subscription’s final benefit may just be the most important.

An Easy Ice subscription allows ice machines stay right where they belong – in the background providing a reliable source of ice day in and day out.

All businesses are unpredictable, which is why the most value you gain from our subscriptions is peace of mind. No more focusing your energy on an appliance that, quite honestly, doesn’t generate much profit. Our subscriptions bring predictability to an otherwise unpredictable piece of machinery.

Now you can focus your time and money on more important things, like taking care of your customers and improving your business. Leave the ice machine to us!


Our subscription’s true value is in its design. By taking the cost and hassle out of owning an ice machine, your money, time, and attention can be directed where it’s needed the most – towards your business. Stop spending your hard-earned resources on your ice supply. Let Easy Ice take care of your ice needs.

Purchase Peace of Mind with Easy Ice

Easy Ice provides the best ice makers – and everything they need – for a low monthly fee. Take the hassle and responsibility out of owning an ice machine.