Our goal is to give our customers the simplest industrial ice machine program available, but we do have qualifications to become an Easy Ice subscriber.

Easy Ice provides industrial ice machine services to businesses with the following qualifications:

These four basic characteristics drive our qualification process.  There is some room for interpretation and flexibility in our program, but our qualification decisions will be based on these primary criteria.

Regular Ice Need

We are not a seasonal renter of industrial ice machines.  Our business is designed to serve customers that require ice year-round.  It is possible for us to service customers that have a seasonal business, however we will require a 1-year agreement.

Expected Long Operation

We are not a short-term fix for an owner whose industrial ice machine fails while they are looking to sell their business.  We also reserve the right to decline a customer whose business has more risk than we are comfortable accepting.  Recovering our equipment from closing businesses is very costly and as a result, we avoid situations that introduce significant risk.

Doesn’t Want to Own

We are not a short-term fix for an owner who is running low on cash and plans to buy an industrial ice machine as soon as he/she has saved enough money.  Our value proposition is designed to provide stability, certainty, and reliability for a fair price.  We stand behind our service offering and if it fails to meet a reasonable standard, the 30-day no-penalty cancellation policy provides our customers with the flexibility they require.

Good Operating Conditions

Our industrial ice machines are just that…ice machines.  They require all the same care and feeding yours would if you owned one.  That means we look for environments that are clean, well taken care of, easy to access, etc.  Overly hot kitchens, enclosed basements, facilities that are only open between 7:00 pm and 4:00 am do not allow us to provide our service to the best of our ability.

As a service company, our ability to deliver on our commitments is critical to both our success and yours.  We work diligently to find solutions for our customers, so if we can make it work, we will.  But if your ice machine needs don’t meet our qualifications, we’ll let you know right away.

Track Record of Success

Easy Ice invests a considerable amount of resources into each business that subscribes to our ice machine service.  We purchase the industrial ice machines for our subscribers and need to feel comfortable with the reliability of our customers.  Prospective customers who do not have a proven track record may be required to sign a term contract.  Easy Ice reserves the right to determine if businesses fit the qualifications criteria for no term agreements.

If you qualify, call us for a free quote.  If you aren’t sure, give us a call and we’ll work with you to determine the best course of action.

Call Easy Ice today!  866-easyice (327-9423)