Easy Ice Subscription Qualifications for Customers

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Do I Qualify for an Easy Ice Subscription?

Meeting Easy Ice’s subscription qualifications are about more than just meeting expectations, it’s about providing the best for your new ice machine. Without proper service and maintenance, an industrial ice machine will last 4-5 years - at best. Our ice maker subscription is one-of-a-kind, keeping units at peak performance well beyond their standard lifespan. We want customers who share that desire, that’s why we ask they meet a few qualifications: 

    • Long-term need for ice
    • Expectation to stay in business with a reliable track record
    • Desire to eliminate the hassles of owning an industrial ice machine
    • Able to provide proper operating conditions to ensure machine performance

    Although we try to be as flexible as we can, these four criteria drive our qualification process.

    Industrial Ice Machine Easy Ice

    Below is a deeper explanation of our qualifications:

    • You Need Ice Regularly

      We designed our subscription model to be an inexpensive ice machine solution for year-round ice needs. It's not meant to address seasonal ice demands. It's possible for us to service customers with seasonal businesses under certain circumstances as long as they follow Easy Ice subscription qualifications by signing a 1-year term agreement.

    • You Have a Reliable Business History

      Ice machine installation, moving, and recovery is expensive, which is why we structure our subscriptions to cover long-term ice needs. Because our subscription is not a short-term ice machine solution, we are unable to enter an agreement with a customer who plans on closing their business soon.

      Easy Ice subscription qualifications require our customers have a history of reliability. New businesses may be required to sign a term contract. Easy Ice reserves our no-term contracts for customers who meet these requirements.

    • You Don’t Want to Purchase

      It is our mission is to provide a low-cost alternative to owning an industrial ice machine. Based off Easy Ice subscription qualifications, customers looking for a short-term ice machine rental while they save for their own unit are not the best fit.

    • You Have a Proper Operating Environment

      Automatic ice machines require a lot of care and the right conditions to work efficiently. Places without temperature control or adequate ventilation can cause machine damages over time. Our ice makers also require a clean environment and proper access, so we can provide service.

    Certain environments can cause significant damage to equipment.

    These types of places include:

    • Hot Kitchens
    • Enclosed basements
    • Factories without temperature control
    • Outdoor patios
    • Areas with limited ventilation like closets or cubbies

    While we will work to find solutions in challenging environments, we will delay the ice machine installation until the customer can meet our environmental requirements.

    For more information on operating conditions, please visit our Pre-installation checklist.

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