Ice Makers for Manufacturing & Distribution

Hard Work Deserves a Reliable Ice Supply

Purchasing a commercial ice maker may seem like the answer, but they’re expensive and even more costly to maintain. There is a better option.

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Work Smarter, Not Harder

Those in the manufacturing and distribution industry work hard. The heavy lifting and hours spent on the road means workers need a dependable supply of ice to keep them refreshed.

Before switching to an Easy Ice subscription, Dean Contracting in Texas was spending up to $600 in ice a month. That included trips to a convenience store every morning to stock up on ice. It was hardly a good use of time and money!

Easy ice offers ice maker subscriptions starting at $135 a month for 600 pounds of ice a day. That means no extra trips and wasted resources to get ice.

Dependable Ice for Your Workforce

An Ice Maker Subscription That’s Up to The Task

Just because the job is hard doesn’t mean supplying ice has to be. With an Easy Ice subscription, you’ll have access to the best ice machines for an affordable monthly fee. We include ice machine service, repairs, cleaning, and sanitizing, making our subscriptions the only all-inclusive ice machine program in the industry.

Ice Makers That Get the Job Done

Your employees do the hard work - we're here to keep them cool. That's why we offer the best ice machines from Hoshizaki and Manitowoc. No matter the size of your workforce, we have the unit for you. Our commercial ice equipment produces between 250 and 1900 pounds of ice a day and includes a wide range of ice makers, ice dispensers, ADA ice makers and ice bins.

Peak Performance Guaranteed

You need a dependable source of ice for all your employees. We're here to ensure you get it. When you purchase an ice maker, keeping up with regular service adds to the total ice machine cost. With Easy Ice, we take care of everything. You get two scheduled preventive maintenance events including cleaning, sanitizing, and water filter replacements to maximize ice maker performance. Don't worry about parts and repairs - we include that too!

Steady Support and Supply

When hard work is involved, you can’t afford to go without ice. That’s why our customer support team is always on call. If your machine is down for repairs, we provide you with ice, so your employees are never left high and dry.

There When You Need Us

If the machine is down for repairs, we provide complimentary Breakdown Ice while we get it up and running. If we can't deliver ice to you, we'll cover the costs of your replacement ice.

Dependable Ice Supply

Having a dependable ice machine on-site is a more cost-effective choice than repeated trips to a convenience store to stock up on ice. That's hardly a good use of time and money!

Easy ice offers ice maker subscriptions starting at $135 a month for 600 pounds of ice a day. That means no extra trips and wasted resources to get ice.

Reliable Ice, Wherever You Are

Easy Ice is the only nationally-located, all-inclusive ice machine service in the industry. We’ll supply our ice makers to any of your locations across the country. Managing this process is easy – one bill and one point of contact for all your facilities.

Dependable Ice for Your Workforce

With an Easy Ice subscription, you can ensure your staff always has ice available throughout the day.

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    From cooking preparation to salad bars, food displays to beverages, restaurants and food service businesses are uniquely dependent on a reliable food-grade ice supply. Learn more about restaurant ice solutions.

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  • Hospitals & Healthcare

    From hospitals to physical therapy clinics and physicians’ offices, healthcare facilities must have a steady supply of clean, safe ice at all times. Learn how our full-service ice machine subscription program can benefit your facility.

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  • Large Facilities

    Whether you’re managing a corporate campus, transportation facility, resort or university, you need cost-effective solutions for keeping employees and work crews cool and hydrated. Learn more about our ice supply program for large facilities.

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  • Corporate Offices

    Many corporate facilities require commercial ice machines on property for employees to use. Find out why corporate facilities managers and purchasing agents find our commercial ice machine offering better than owning or leasing.

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  • Hotels

    Commercial ice machines and dispensers are located in nearly every hallway and on every floor of a hotel. Find out why Easy Ice subscriptions are the logical choice for your hotel.

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