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Flake Ice

Do More with Flake Ice Machines

Flake ice isn’t just for drinks. Many Easy Ice customers need ice for food and beverage presentations, salad bars, and physical therapy ice packs. Flake ice can do it all. This soft, moldable ice is perfect for displays, healthcare applications, and drinks.

Need to produce large quantities of flake ice for your business? You're in luck. We offer Hoshizaki and Manitowoc flake ice machines through our subscription.

Create Dazzling Presentations

Flake ice is soft and small, with roughly a 70% ice-to-water ratio that allows the pellets to stick together. That makes it an ideal ice type for food and beverage displays.

Many of our customers in the seafood industry use flake ice to create elaborate seafood presentations that showcase their offerings and amaze guests. Buffets and salad bars also use this ice to keep food cold throughout their business hours.

When restaurants, bars, and nightclubs display canned and bottled alcoholic beverages on ice, this type is their go-to.

Whatever you want to show off or preserve, flake is can help you do it.

Please the Frozen Drink Fans

If frozen cocktails are on your bar menu, you need an ice type that won't ruin your blenders. Flake, like nugget, is a perfect choice. With this ice, you'll serve the best frozen margaritas, daquiris, and coladas every time.

Leave Your Ice Supply to the Experts

For the cleanest, safest ice and an ice maker that never breaks down, you need a team of ice machine professionals in your corner.

That's exactly what an Easy Ice subscription gives you: ice experts who make sure to clean and inspect the ice machine twice a year at no extra cost. Repairs and replacement ice are included too. All for one affordable monthly payment.

Flake Ice Machines—FAQs

What's the difference between flake ice and crushed ice?

Crushed ice is regular ice that's been crushed, but it's still hard and relatively slow-melting. When you freeze flaked ice, you include a greater air content that results in softer ice that melts more easily. This gives flake ice a variety of unique applications, some of which you might be familiar with.

Is flake ice good for blended drinks?

Most blenders will suffer serious wear and tear if you force them to break up solid ice cubes. Since flaked ice is so much softer, it's very blender-friendly.

What industries should use flake ice?

If your typical customer is an older person or a child, flake ice is a great choice for your business. Flake ice is designed to be soft and chewable, which makes it perfect for those with sensitive teeth. Healthcare companies can also use it to fill ice packs more easily than other cube types, while restaurants can use flaked ice to help with the storage and display of raw fish, drink displays, buffets, salad bars, and more.

Is flake ice suitable for rapid cooling?

Ice cubes of greater sizes melt more slowly when in contact with water or other drinks. This is great for keeping a drink cool for a long, but not for quickly cooling it. Since flake ice has more air content and melts more quickly, it's ideal for rapid cooling.

Key Specifics:

Ice Type Flake
Brand Hoshizaki and Manitowoc
Shape Flake
Available Models Hoshizaki and Manitowoc models available for special circumstances.
Width Varies in size
Depth Varies in size
Height Varies in size

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