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Want the Right Amount of Ice Every Day? Use Our Ice Calculator.

If you’re wondering what size ice machine you need, you’re not alone. The amount of ice each business needs varies by industry and customer volume, so the Iceologists at Easy Ice created an ice calculator with a list of typical ice needs for specific industries.

Our ice calculator helps you determine how much ice per person you’ll need per day. By following this list, you can get a good estimate of how much ice your customers will consume daily, which will help you pick the right ice machine.

Keep in mind our calculator shows midrange ice consumption rates, and your specific ice needs may vary.

What Size Ice Machine Do I Need?

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Daily Ice Rate for the Healthcare Industry

Hospitals and healthcare clinics typically need the most ice per person. You can measure your ice needs by taking the amount of ice a patient needs daily (10 lbs. per patient) and multiply it by the number of beds you have on your floor. When using our ice calculator, don’t forget to account for your visitors and staff.

Daily Ice Rate for Restaurants and Bars

To the right you’ll find the general amount of ice you need per customer, but it’s also important to consider how much ice you use outside of drinks. Your business might use ice to prep food or shock vegetables. If you know your kitchen uses ice, factor that in when using our ice calculator. What about beer tubs during game days? Again, ice is used in a lot of areas when it comes to restaurants and bars. Don’t short yourself.

Daily Ice Rate for Convenience Stores

Convenience stores need to think about their volume of fountain drinks sold per day when using our ice calculator. Running out of ice can end up hurting your establishment. Easy Ice is available to help you calculate the amount you need for your specific location, so you can find the best ice makers to install on top of your soda dispensers.

Once you calculate what size ice machine you need, there are several other things to take into consideration as well. We’ve developed this handy commercial ice machine guide to answer all of your questions!

Approximate Daily Use

Hotel 5 lbs. Per guest
Hospital 10 lbs. Per patient
Restaurant 1.5 lbs. Per customer
Bar/Cocktail 3 lbs. Per customer
Cafeteria 1 lb. Per customer
Quick Serve
5 oz. Per 7-10 oz. drink
8 oz. Per 12-16 oz. drink
12 oz. Per 18-24 oz. drink
Seafood/Deli Counter
and Display
30 lbs. of ice per cubic foot
Convenience Store 6 oz. Per 12 oz. drink
10 oz. Per 20 oz. drink
16 oz. Per 32 oz. drink

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