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With an inventory of over 30,000 ice machines and thousands of installs under our belts, Easy Ice knows how much ice is needed for different businesses and use cases. If you want to determine how many pounds of ice you need daily, get an estimate with our ice calculator below!*

ICE Calculator

Select your industry, input your average number of daily customers & calculate how many lbs. of ice you’ll need per day!

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*Keep in mind our calculator shows an estimate based on midrange ice consumption rates, and your specific ice needs may vary.

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Now that you've got an estimate of how much ice your business will need on a daily basis, it's time to find you the right equipment. Get in touch with Easy Ice now to confirm how much ice you need and determine which of our bundles best suits your needs.

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Want to Talk to an Ice Machine Expert?

Our team knows ice machines. If you want to make sure you choose the best ice machine model to meet your daily ice needs, get in touch with us. We'll confirm how many pounds of ice you should have for your particular business.

How Easy Ice Meets Your Industry's Needs

Curious to learn more about how our all-inclusive commercial ice machine subscription meets the needs of different types of businesses? Learn more about the industries Easy Ice works with below.

Restaurants & Food Service

From food preparation to displays, drink troughs, and customers' self-serve drinks, food service businesses depend on a consistent supply of ice and reliable commercial ice equipment. Find out how we make ice easy for restaurants, bars, and other food establishments.

Restaurants & Food Service

Hospitals & Healthcare Providers

Whether it's hospital break rooms, physical therapy clinics, or physician's offices, healthcare facilities of all kinds need a safe, clean, and steady supply of ice. Learn how our full-service solution for healthcare settings can benefit can benefit your facility.

Hospitals & Healthcare

Large Facilities

Large facilities like corporate campuses, transportation facilities, resorts, and universities need cost-effective solutions for keeping workers, residents, and guests cool and hydrated. Find out more about our commercial ice equipment program for large facilities.

Large Facilities

Corporate Offices

Corporate offices often wish to have commercial ice machines or dispensers on site for employees to enjoy during their work day. Learn why our subscription is a better solution for corporate settings than owning or traditionally leasing a commercial ice machine.

Corporate Offices


There's a commercial ice machine sitting in nearly every hallway on every floor of most hotels—so reliability and consistency are key factors. Find out more about why all-inclusive subscriptions from Easy Ice are the logical choice for hotels.

Manufacturing & Distribution

If you work with employees in a plant or out on the road, you already know the importance of making sure they have as much clean ice and water as they need throughout the day. Learn more about how our subscription is the right affordable ice solution for you.

Manufacturing & Distribution


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