Ice Machine Installation – Pre-Installation Checklist

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What You Need for Your Ice Machine Installation

The purpose of our pre-installation is to provide you with the list of requirements we need to start your hassle-free ice machine installation. Our technicians perform a thorough site survey to ensure your location qualifies for an Easy Ice Subscription.

If you need more detailed information about the equipment we provide, go to the Our Equipment section. All the dimensions and specs of our commercial ice machine equipment are available for you to share with your contractor.

      Ice Machine Installation

      The “DEWS” of Ice Machine Installation

      This list provides you with all the “Do’s” you need to install an ice machine on your premises. Why do we spell it DEWS? Well, because DEWS stands for:

      Ice Maker Installation

      If you can answer yes to these for criteria, the site survey should go smoothly, and we can quickly complete your ice machine installation.

      • Drain:

        • Floor Drain
        • Ice machine drain must be within 6 ft of the machine
        • Must allow for a ¼ inch drop for every foot of ice machine drain pipe
        • Doesn’t present a tripping hazard

      • Electricity:

        • For 110V machines, a 20-amp dedicated circuit
        • For 220V machines, the majority require 20 amp, some 30 amp
        • 220V systems are designed for use with 4-wire system (i.e., dedicated neutral)

      • Water:

        • Water line capable of delivering 5 gallons per minute with a dedicated shutoff valve within 6 feet of the machine
        • Machines below 1300 lbs require 3/8-inch supply line
        • Machines at or above 1300 lbs require a ½ inch supply line

      • Space:

        • Maintain room temperature between 45- and 95-degrees Fahrenheit
        • Allow enough space around the machine to prevent hot air from getting trapped (normally 1 ft of space on ALL sides of the machine but can increase or decrease based on machine type and environmental conditions)

      We have thousands of ice machines installed across the U.S, and we’ll help you work around any challenges. Even if you notice you don’t meet some of the requirements on this list, give us a call, and we’ll work with you to get a hassle-free ice machine in your establishment.

      The Ice Machine Installation Experts

      Proper ice machine installation is a key component to keeping your commercial ice machine working at 100%. Choose the Experts!