How to Choose an Automatic Ice Maker for the Construction Industry

An automatic ice maker is the most cost-effective way to keep your workforce refreshed and productive throughout the day. Employees in the construction industry face long days in the sun. An automatic ice machine provides plenty of ice to construction sites so workers can stay cool. If you're looking for the best commercial ice machine for your landscaping, roofing, or construction business, our comprehensive guide is here to help!

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Automatic Ice Machines for Construction Industry

Choosing the Right Automatic ice maker for your Construction Business

  • Modular Ice Machines

    Modular Ice Machines

    Modular ice machines are the most popular and flexible style of ice makers on the market. These machines only produce ice. They need additional storage, like an ice bin or dispenser, to store the ice. These machines come in a range of sizes to meet the ice needs of any sized business. We carry modular ice machines that range between 500 – 1800 lbs of ice a day.

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  • Stackable Ice Machines

    Stackable Ice Machines

    Stackable ice machines are a style of modular ice maker that you can install on top of one another. They are great options for businesses who need a large amount of ice but don't have extra room for another automatic ice maker. You can stack between 2-3 models on top of one another to double or triple your total ice cube production.

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  • Undercounter Ice Machines

    Countertop Ice Dispensers

    Ice dispensers deposit ice directly into drinkware or buckets, so employees don't have to scoop the ice out of a bin and possibly risk contaminating the ice supply. Your ice stays safely in the built-in storage and is dispensed at the touch of a button or lever. There are countertop and hotel ice makers that can be equipped with a modular ice maker of your choosing. .

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  • Countertop Dispenser

    Countertop Ice Makers

    Countertop ice machines are a great addition to waiting rooms within your transportation business. Visiting clients and salespeople can grab ice for drinks as they wait for appointments. These are also excellent for breakrooms for your clerical staff. Employees can grab ice during a lunch break or throughout the day to stay refreshed.

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Types of Ice for Transportation Businesses

Automatic ice machines produce all different types of ice cubes to meet the needs of businesses. Here are the most popular ice shapes for the transportation industry:

Automatic maker machine for constructions companies

Condensers for Automatic Ice Machines

Your ice machine's condenser helps cool down ice refrigerant so it can be used to produce a batch of ice. Different systems are designed for different environments.

Air Cooled Ice Machines

Air cooled ice machines are the most common and cost-effective cooling system found in ice machines. They use a fan to blow air onto the condenser to help cool it and move heat away from the ice-making machine. These types of machines need plenty of ventilation for hot air to escape.

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Installation Requirements for Automatic Ice Machines

Automatic ice cube maker machines for construction workers

We’ve serviced over 10,000 ice machines across the country. No matter the challenge, we know exactly how to keep your hotel ice machine running smoothly. Our pre-installation checklist shows you what you need to provide to install an ice machine at your construction facility. If you have a challenging environment, give us a call and we'll help you find a solution.

Pre-Installation Checklist

Cleaning and Maintaining Automatic Ice Makers for Your Construction Business

Maintaining a clean and safe ice supply should be at the top of any business owner's list of responsibilities. Dirty ice can make people sick. Also, a dirty ice machine will not produce as much ice.

Save Money and Skip the Stress of Automatic Ice Maker Maintenance

Commercial ice equipment can be expensive, but with our all-inclusive subscription, you get a top-of-the-line automatic ice machine for your construction business for no upfront capital. Our ice machine subscriptions include professional cleaning, maintenance, and repairs. We also maintain a 24-hour ice machine service line you can call if there is ever a problem with the equipment. We’ll even provide breakdown ice if your automatic ice machine goes down for extended repairs. You get it all for a low, monthly rate!

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