5 Things to Fix Before Your Next Ice Machine Service

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When it’s time for your ice machine service, it’s important to know how to prepare your space for the technician. Even the best technicians need access to vital ice machine components to properly service your ice machine. Improper maintenance or cleaning will decrease the overall lifespan of your unit and eventually lead to a broken ice maker, so it’s important to do all you can to ensure your technician can get the job done.

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When an ice machine technician comes in for a preventive maintenance event, they run diagnostics on vital components and clean everything from the condenser to the ice bin. Here are a few things you can do to prepare your ice machine – and the surrounding area – for your ice machine service appointment.

Remove the Clutter 

That includes making sure that the ice maker is free of clutter. Don’t place objects on top of the ice maker, like boxes or small appliances. Not only will the technician ask you to remove these anyway but stacking objects can block ventilation which can cause machines to overheat 

Give Them Some Room 

Installing a commercial ice maker machine in the most optimal space isn’t always possible. In these cases, you need to make sure the machine’s components are accessible at the very least – 2 feet of space should be enough. The brand of ice maker you have will determine where you should provide enough room for technicians to access.  

Hoshizaki Ice Machines 

If you have an air-cooled Hoshizaki ice machine, your technician will need access to the front, top, and right side of the unit. Water-cooled units require access to the back, top, and right side of the machine. If these areas are not clear, the technician will have a very difficult time reaching refrigeration components like the hot gas valve, evaporator plates, and solenoid valves during the ice machine service appointment. 

Manitowoc Ice Machines 

Manitowoc designs most of their ice makers so the essential parts are accessible from the front of the machine. To prepare for your ice machine service appointment, clear about 5 inches of space in the back of the machine so the technician can reach the plug. For air-cooled units, you’ll need to provide 2 feet space on the sides, so the technician can reach the air filters. Ice maker filters should not only be accessible to the technician, but to users as well since they require routine cleaning on a weekly or monthly basis. If you have an air-cooled system with top air discharge installed, you’ll need to clear 2 feet above the machine. 

*If you have a remote condenser, technicians will need to have access to it to provide ice machine service. 

Contain Ice Machine Leaks 

It goes without saying that ice makers need water to produce ice. If your ice maker is leaking, you need to make sure that something is catching that water. When water mixes with grease from a kitchen floor, it creates a very slick surface that technicians or employees can slip on during the ice machine service appointment.  

Keep Electrical Components Away from Water 

Water can be especially dangerous if unsecured electrical components are present. That means making sure wires, lamps, breakers, or other electrical appliances are free from the water prior to your ice machine service appointment. If electricity manages to ground itself through a water puddle, a person could be shocked or electrocuted.  

Put Away Hazardous Chemicals and Cleaners  

Finally, make sure your ice machine is free of dangerous chemicals and waste. Technicians often have the challenge of moving around in small areas. If hazardous chemicals are not in a secure place, they run the risk of being knocked over, which can be dangerous to anyone working around them.  

Technicians want your ice machine in top form as much as you do. By maintaining a safe environment with few obstacles, you can be sure technicians will have enough access to your ice machine to do a thorough job. Maintaining a safe and open environment has the added benefit of keeping your employees safe and your machine running smoothly.  

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