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Safe, Sanitary Ice Guaranteed with Our Ice Machine Cleaning Schedule

We created our ice machine cleaning schedule to help you keep your ice supply safe in between professional ice maker cleanings. One benefit of an Easy Ice subscription is biannual maintenance and cleanings performed by expert technicians--but even with this level of care, ice machines still need attention between visits. It’s important that you and your staff keep up with ice machine cleaning. If you don't, you could end up with a dirty ice machine.

Without following a routine ice machine cleaning schedule, your ice maker produces less ice and can become contaminated. Dirty ice is no joke: it can sicken customers and staff. By adding these simple steps to your daily operations, you’ll help keep the ice machine at your business in top shape. The FDA considers ice a food and so does your health inspector. Use our ice machine cleaning schedule to make sure your ice supply is always consumer safe!


    Follow This Ice Machine Cleaning Schedule Between Appointments

    We service our subscription customers' ice equipment twice a year for standard environments, based on manufacturer recommendations. Some more challenging environments require additional cleaning. You can see our page on service enhancements for more information.

    In between scheduled ice machine cleanings, customers should perform the following tasks at this frequency:

    • – Always –

      Make sure the ice machine is in optimal temperatures. No higher than 90 degrees and no lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit and always make sure the unit has enough airflow.

    • – Daily –

      Check the ice maker and the bin drain pipes at the floor drain to make sure it’s free of debris.

    • – Weekly –

      Clean the exterior surfaces of the ice machine with diluted bleach to inhibit mold growth.

    • – Monthly –

      Rinse out the ice machine air filters with hot water. A clogged ice machine filter will decrease the performance of the ice maker. Also, never bang on your air filter or place it in a dishwasher to clean it. Both will cause damage to the filter.

    • – Never –

      Use the ice machine to store items (I.e. don’t stack boxes or containers on top of the unit).


    Remember to Take Care of Your Ice Bin

    Although Easy Ice will clean and sanitize your ice storage accessories twice a year, it’s also important for customers to follow local health department standards for cleaning their ice bins and dispensers between visits. When the exterior of your ice machine and its accessories are cleaned regularly, you ensure your ice supply is safe and sanitary.

    If you don’t routinely follow an ice machine cleaning schedule, your unit is susceptible to mold, slime, and scale build-up. All three of these are major red flags for health inspectors and will leave you with contaminated ice. Use EPA recommended disinfectant and sanitizer on your ice machine and bin every week to keep your ice machine in top shape.

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