What to Look for in a Small Commercial Ice Machine

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Small Commercial Ice Machine

Not all businesses need a large ice maker to deliver their daily ice needs. Many small bars only require less than 400 lbs of ice to run. These businesses need a small commercial ice machine to deliver their daily ice needs. Here everything you need to know about small ice makers.

What Type of Small Ice Makers Are There?

1. Countertop Ice Makers

These ice machines are designed to fit on top of a counter, bar, or custom stand. Countertop ice makers, like the Hoshizaki DM-200B ice and water dispenser, are an easy way for users to have access to ice and save space. These units are particularly popular in offices and breakroom. Some countertop ice dispensers need an additional ice machine. Self-containing countertop ice makers, like the Hoshizaki DCM-300BAH ice machine, come with the machine and storage built-in.

2. Undercounter Ice Makers

Undercounter ice makers, like the Hoshizaki IM-200BAB ice machine, are designed to fit underneath bars or countertops. These are very popular small ice makers for bars because bartenders can quickly grab ice for patrons and have plenty of room to move around behind the bar. These small ice makers came with all types of ice. Undercounter ice machines are self-contained, meaning they come with their own bin storage. If you run a bar and not sure what ice shape you need, see our article entitled The Best Types of Ice Cubes for Bars and Cocktail Lounges.

3. Modular Ice Makers

Modular ice machines, like the Manitowoc IYT-0620A ice machine, require a bin or dispenser to store ice. These can also be very popular small ice makers for bars where additional serving staff need access to ice. Waitresses and barbacks can grab ice and either serve to customers or deliver it to the bar. These ice machines deliver any amount of ice between 400 lbs a day to over 3000 lbs! Modular ice machines, like the Hoshizaki KMD-410MAH ice machine, require either a bin or dispenser to capture the ice produced by the machine. If you’re not sure how much ice you need, read our article entitled How to Pick the Right Sized Ice Machine and Ice Storage Bin.

Looking for a Small Ice Machine?

Check out our lineup of commercial ice machines. Large or small, we have a machine that will supply your business with crystal-clear ice all year round!

What are the Requirements for a Small Commercial Ice Maker?

If you want a small ice maker for your business, it’s a good idea to know the installation requirements. For more information, see our ice machine installation checklist.

How Much Space Does a Small Ice Machine Need?

Due to their size, a small commercial ice machine is going to take up less space than a large one. Depending on the model, you’ll have to free up enough space so the ice machine can expel hot air away from the unit.

Small ice makers come in many types:

Countertop Ice Makers – Most countertops allow for a foot of space (provided you’re not installing the machine in a countertop cubby). Still, you’ll want to make sure the ice machine’s venting is not covered.

Undercounter Ice Makers – These machines normally feature front-to-front ventilation, where cool air is pulled in from the front of the ice machine and the hot air is released through the front as well. Make sure the venting is clear of boxes or debris. If the ice machine has side facing ventilation, make sure it has at least 1 foot of clearance.

Modular Ice Makers – It’s best to maintain 1 foot of clearance on all sides of the ice-making unit (especially where the vents are). More than one foot is even better, so technicians can have plenty of space to perform maintenance and cleaning.

What Are the Electrical Requirements of a Small Commercial Ice Machine?

Virtually all small ice maker models that produce below 400 lbs of ice use a 115v connection. A standard 110v electrical outlet is all you need to run a small ice maker. A 110v outlet is common in most households and businesses across the US. If your business has a larger voltage outlet, like a 220v, you may need to hire an electrician to install a 110v.

What are the Water Flow Requirements?

Commercial ice machines that produce 750 lbs and below require a flow rate of 3 gallons per minute (GPM). If you’re installing a small ice maker, you’ll need a water line that can deliver that amount of water. Many water lines have the flow rate labeled. Some do not. You can measure the flow rate by timing how long it takes to fill a gallon bucket. If you measure 20 seconds or below, you fulfill the 3 GPM requirement. If not, you may need to hire a plumber to install the proper water line.

Looking for a Small Commercial Ice Machine?

Whether you run a coffee house, smoothie shop, office, or just need a small ice maker for a bar, our program provides you with a leading ice maker along with maintenance and repairs for a low, monthly cost. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, our handy Commercial Ice Machine Guide can help! Also, our Ice Machine Experts can help size the perfect ice maker for your business needs. Contact us today.

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