Modular ice machines—also referred to as “ice machine heads”—are commercial ice makers that only include ice-making functionality. These machines are by far the most popular industrial-grade ice makers because they can be set up for different environments—they can be paired with a bin to be scooped into buckets, placed over an ice dispenser in a hotel, or used with a soda fountain in a restaurant, to name a few. The versatility of modular ice machines is what makes them so common, but it’s important to remember that a separate storage bin or ice dispenser must be purchased in addition to a modular ice maker. The upside to needing the extra equipment is that modular ice machines generally make much more ice than the self-contained units that feature built-in storage or dispensing.

Modular ice makers can be air cooled, water cooled, or even remotely air cooled. If you’re not sure which option is right for your business, Easy Ice can help! Our all-inclusive commercial ice machine subscription program includes modular ice makers and other ice equipment from the industry’s leading brands. Whether you’re looking for a specific ice type, need a certain production capacity, or you’re not sure what you need yet, our ice experts will help you find the right match. With an Easy Ice Subscription, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars up front on a new machine and you avoid all the risks of getting a used one. Additionally, you can leave all the maintenance, repairs, and breakdowns to us. Contact us today to find the right ice machine for your business!

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