Hoshizaki FS-1022MLJ-C Remote Cooled Cubelet Ice Machine

889 lbs/day

The Hoshizaki FS-1022MLJ-C Remote Cooled Cubelet Ice Machine is a part of Hoshizaki’s Serenity Series, which has lower sound and heat output, helping your customers stay cool and relaxed in a quiet environment. A great choice for the hospitality industry! This cubelet ice machine produces 730 lbs of ice under standard conditions and up to 889 lbs of ice in optimal air/water temperatures of 70/50 degrees.

This Hoshizaki FS-1022MLJ-C ice machine uses a remote condenser to keep loud and heat-producing components away from your clientele. The stainless-steel exterior prevents the machine from getting dirty and protects against corrosion. The EverCheck alert system gives an audible warning to users if there is a problem with the machine and shuts the unit down to prevent further damage.

Cubelet Ice (nugget ice) is soft and chewable, which many customers find appealing. Aside from keeping drinks cool, the ice cubes absorb the flavor of sugary soft drinks and cocktails. Cubelet ice is very popular in hospitals and elementary schools because patients and students can chew on the ice without harming their teeth.

Compatible with the Hoshizaki SRC-10J Remote Condenser.