Hoshizaki F-450MAJ-C Air Cooled Cubelet Ice Machine

412 lbs/day

The Hoshizaki F-450MAJ-C Air Cooled Cubelet Ice Machine produces 316 lbs of ice a day under standard conditions and up to 412 lbs of ice a day under optimal temperatures. This 22” modular ice maker is a great space-saving option when extra room is limited. You can also mount two units side-by-side on 44” ice bins to effectively double your ice production rate.

The Hoshizaki F-450MAJ-C ice machine F-450-C has a stainless-steel exterior to help protect it against dirt and corrosion. Each ice machine comes with an intuitive infrared bin control to manage the volume of your ice supply. The Hoshizaki F-450MAJ-C also has a 2-second flush timer that initiates every hour, which makes for a cleaner, clearer ice cube.

Cubelet Ice (Nugget Ice) is great in sugary soft drinks and cocktails because its porous texture absorbs the flavor of drinks, making for a cool, sweet treat even after the last drop. Cubelet ice is also a popular choice in clinics and elementary schools because its soft, chewable texture allows patients and students to hydrate without harming their teeth.