Hoshizaki F-1002MLJ Remote Cooled Flake Ice Machine

1,028 lbs/day

The Hoshizaki F-1002MLJ Remote Cooled Flake Ice Machine F-1002MLJ produces 797 lbs of flake ice a day under standard temperatures and 1028 lbs of ice a day under optimal air/water temperatures of 70/50-degrees. If you need extra flake ice for your business, you can mount two units side-by-side on any 44” Hoshizaki ice bin to double ice production.

This Hoshizaki F-1002MLJ ice machine features a 2 second flush cycle that initiates every hour, eliminating particles that make ice cubes cloudy. The stainless-steel auger has a greaseless bearing design which makes this unit easy to service and clean. The infrared bin control uses a beam of infrared light to monitor the amount of ice in your bin and has an easy to clean lens.

Flake ice is an excellent choice for businesses that use food displays to show off food and beverage offerings. You can mold flake ice into any shape, so food and containers stay put and remain cool and fresh for your customers. Flake ice is also a great option for physical therapy clinics that need a soft ice shape for cold compresses.