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Ice Machine Water Filter

Ice Machine Water Filters for the Cleanest, Clearest Ice

We provide ice machine water filters as a standard feature in all our ice machine subscriptions because we always want our equipment to perform at 100%. We also replace water filter cartridges every six months, per manufacturer recommendations, so the ice in your bin stays crystal clear.

For 98% of our customers, a standard water filter system will keep the ice machine operating efficiently. For the other 2%, poor water quality in their area requires an Upgraded Water Filter (UWF) or Advanced Water Treatment (AWT). Before ice maker installation, our technicians perform a water test on every site to ensure you’re fitted with the proper water filtration system. We’ll let you know if your area's water quality requires an upgraded ice machine water filter or advanced water treatment.

Water filters remove sediment that creates cloudy ice cubes, giving you clear ice in each production cycle. When filters are clogged with trapped sediment, it restricts the water flow to your machine, throwing a wrench in ice production. That's why we make sure to replace the filter at every routine maintenance appointment at no extra charge.


Get a New Ice Machine Water Filter Twice a Year
with an Ice Maker Subscription

We take your ice supply seriously. With one of our all-inclusive subscriptions, you'll always have the best in commercial ice maker maintenance, including free water filter replacement at every preventive maintenance appointment.

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Conditions That Require an Upgraded Ice Machine Water Filter
or Advanced Water Treatment


There are three main problems requiring upgraded ice machine water filters:

  1. Extremely high mineral content (including well water)
  2. Facilities and water systems with old pipes (I.e. NYC)
  3. High yeast or mold producing environments

Most of these situations are identifiable in advance:

  1. If you serve water to anyone from a well water source, you will likely require advanced water treatment/filtration.
  2. The same visual and taste issues present themselves with very high mineral content.
  3. Old cities, like Manhattan, are notorious for having old water systems. These systems often transport a lot of particles through the water that causes issues for many multi-stage filtration systems.

Mold Producing Environments

Mold in ice machines is often a result of air conditions, which makes these environments difficult to identify during a site survey. It normally takes cleaning out the mold in an ice machine once or twice to properly identify if your area is prone to growth. Your technician will work with you to identify the most cost-effective solution, like air filters or ice machine water filters.

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