The role of water filters for ice machine is critical to reliable equipment performance. That is why Easy Ice provides water filters as a standard feature with every ice machine subscription. Our all-inclusive ice machine subscription includes water filter replacement cartridges every six months.

For 98% of our customers, that is all they want to know.  They understand our performance guarantee (free Breakdown Ice if the machine breaks) means we have the incentive to make sure each ice machine filtration system is configured properly.  So they leave the water filter hassles to us. And that’s perfectly fine. We know the importance of having proper water filters for ice machine.

For the 2% of our customers that have poor water quality, an Upgraded Water Filter (UWF) or Advanced Water Treatment (AWT) system is required.  Our technicians will identify the need for an enhanced system and the related additional charges based on the site survey, information they receive about water quality from the customer, and first hand observations.

Upgraded Water Filters/Advanced Water Treatment

There are three primary causes for upgraded filters:

  1. Extremely high mineral content (including well water)
  2. Facilities and water systems with very old pipes (i.e. NYC)
  3. High yeast/mold environment

Most of these situations are identifiable in advance:

  1. If you serve water to anyone from a well water source, it is likely you will have already identified the need for advanced water treatment/filtration.
  2. The same visual and taste issues present themselves with very high mineral content.
  3. Manhattan is notorious for having old buildings with old pipes.  This often results in so many suspended particulates in the water that it challenges even multi-stage filtration systems.

Mold issues, however, are more commonly introduced through airborne matter from the environment and are difficult to identify during the site survey.  They are often identified during the first two cleanings.  If that occurs, our technicians work with our customers to identify the most cost effective solution.

The bottom line is that Easy Ice will ensure you have the right ice machine filtration system to guarantee performance of the machine under normal operating conditions.  With Easy Ice, your ice supply is: Predictable.  Reliable.  Dependable.