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Breakdown Ice for businesses

Replacement Ice Guaranteed with Our Program

Replacement ice is important because even the best commercial ice makers break down from time to time. With an Easy Ice subscription, repairs don’t have to be a big headache. Our Breakdown Ice program is included in your subscription at no extra cost.

If your ice machine is ever down, we’ll provide your business with replacement ice while our expert technicians fix your ice machine problem. As the leading national ice machine provider, we know what it takes to keep your ice supply full year-round. Breakdown Ice is exclusively offered through our subscriptions and is a big reason why smart business owners choose us!

An Easy Ice subscription includes more than just commercial ice equipment. With us, maintenance, repairs, and even backup ice are covered. Subscriptions are an easy way to get a guaranteed replacement ice supply for your customers and employees.

Repairs and Replacement Ice go Hand-in-Hand

How it Works

If the ice machine is down due to problems or damage stemming from the unit, we’ll deliver replacement ice to you as long as it’s down. If we can’t get out to you, we’ll reimburse you for the cost of the ice.

The only time Breakdown Ice does not apply is if your ice machine is down due to misuse or an improper operating environment.

For a more detailed explanation of your responsibilities, see our page entitled What’s Not Included.

To maintain a working ice machine, you need proper installation, routine maintenance, and an optimal operating environment. Our skilled team will guarantee the first two, but maintaining a suitable environment is the customer’s responsibility.

Operating Environment
  • Filterable water at the appropriate flow rates and pressure.
  • Proper electrical setup – often a dedicated circuit.
  • Adequate drainage that allows enough slope for water to flow.
  • Operating temperatures between 45- and 90-degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Sufficient air flow and temperature to allow heat to escape.

Peak Ice

We also offer Peak Demand Ice in select markets. Peak Ice is available for special events or unusually hot days where ice demand is higher than the machine can produce.

Although Peak Ice isn’t free like replacement ice, it is convenient and a great option when your normal ice supply isn’t enough.

We are always expanding our Peak Ice program, so give us a call for availability and pricing.

FDA Approved

The FDA defines ice as food, so ice packaging companies must always meet federal standards. All our Breakdown Ice is FDA approved, food-grade quality ice.

So, when you need replacement ice, you’ll know that it’ll meet the standards Easy Ice always guarantees.

Ready to Simplify your Ice Supply Even During Repairs?

With an Easy Ice commercial ice machine subscription, we make sure your business never runs out of ice even when your machine is down.