Manitowoc IYF-900W Water Cooled Half Dice Ice Machine

879 lbs/day

The Manitowoc IYF-0900W water cooled half dice ice machine is part of Manitowocs Indigo NXT line of ice makers. This ice machine measures 30″ wide and makes up to 879 lbs of ice a day! It’s water-cooled design uses water, instead of a fan, to cool the ice machine’s interior, eliminating any hor air the machine may produce. This model features a touch screen readout to provide users with feedback that can keep the ice machine in working order year-round. The Manitowoc IYF-0900W ice machine is easy to clean so ice stays sanitary. Manitowoc ice makers produce their signature “rhomboid” shaped ice that manages to be both traditional and unique all at once. Half dice ice (IY) is slenderer that most cubes on the market. At 96 cubes per pound of ice, Half-dice cubes fill glasses better than conventional square cubes which makes drinks more appealing and prevents over pours.